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Kiwi Farms is a vile website that began life targeting the disabled. More recently it has moved on to horrific pedophilia. Journalists both left and right, liberal and conservative have exposed the site but as so often happens law enforcement has been slow to catch up. The owner has said that only child pornography that actually involves children being hurt arouses him.

This post is a quick dump of some articles and videos as evidence to support the allegations. The articles are by American, British and Welsh journalists. Left and Right. This is no one’s personal army. After that, there is an Anonynous video to upload and share on YouTube with a text transcript to put in the description. Preferred title is Urgent Message from #OpPedoHunters.


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Tor’s Hammer is a slow post dos testing tool written in Python. It can also be run through the Tor network to be anonymized. If you are going to run it with Tor it assumes you are running Tor on Tor’shammer interface has it’s own basic help menu that tells you how to run Read more » 

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This tutorial is for educational purposes only, and by NO MEANS should you actually be malicious when (or after) making a rootkit. I thought I’d share how to do this for any security minded people who would like to learn more on how to prevent or look for rootkits. This will be done in C on Linux, probably Read more » 

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  Target: Motivation: OpSingleGateway, Censorship Leak (Use TOR Browser): http://ruqay5morumo3tcg.onion/?5f6675b629c0ce13#1dv9fUvrShelSvqLPyOIIJe+Fx6/D6iYeQkhGoj68V0= Chat: Channel: Anonnexus CyberGuerrilla Anonymous Nexus » Way’s to connect to Cyberguerrilla IRC  

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Global union federation the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) today releases an illustrated booklet recounting the organization’s fight to support the lawful Republic during the Spanish Civil War, and how the lessons it learnt there allowed it to work with Allied intelligence to fight Nazism in World War Two. It tells the inspiring story of Read more » 




This article has essential information for anyone associated with groups advocating
or using economic disruption or sabotage, theft, arson, self deference from police or more
militant tactics. The advice that follows also applies to anyone associated with groups practicing civil disobedience, especially since people often work in several groups at the same time and
gossip travels freely between them.

Even if you’ve never expressed your politics by doing property damage, pitching cobblestones, or getting arrested for civil disobedience; even if you think you have nothing to hide, these guidelines are presented here to enhance your personal safety as well as the overall effectiveness of our movements.
The simple reality is that governments in industrialized countries target groups that advocate economic sabotage and groups that don’t, movements that are militant and movements that are markedly pacifist.

The government’s security machinery serves the elitist political and economic objectives of capitalism. There are over 250 political prisoners in Canada and the US that can testify to this from first hand experience.

Peasant-rebels; communards; liberationists; abolitionists; labour organisers; revolutionaries; from large uprisings challenging the entire political structure, to isolated environmental and social struggles, people have constantly worked to create a better world. The response of government has always been repression to preserve the status quo..
Historically, government surveillance and harassment has increased relative to the ascendancy of direct action movements. Minimising the destructiveness of political repression requires that we implement and promote a security culture within our movements.

The first step in recognising security risks in a community is working towards creating a security culture. Below we have compiled some relevant material that should be used in conducting security workshops and educating activists that you work with.
As our direct action movement becomes more effective, government harassment will only increase. To minimise the destructiveness of this government harassment, it is imperative that we create a “security culture” within our movement. Violations of security culture include behaviour is inappropriate because it intensifies government harassment, jeopardises the freedom of other activists, and destroys the trust within the movement.



It was not that long ago that discussions about security culture were seen as not relevant to the vast majority of community organisers. As long as one didn’t “break the law” it was assumed that social freedoms in North America and Europe would allow for the expression of dissent without a rise in repression. A number of events have conspired since the late nineties to change the landscape of organising considerably.

New legislation – the PATRIOT Act in the US and Bill C-36 in Canada – which have been sold to the public as required to fight the spectre of terrorism in a post-911 world, serve double-duty in giving the state new laws with which to crack down on internal dissent. A rise in state-hyped racist hysteria, has made community organisers from middle eastern origins (or other “suspicious” backgrounds), increasingly targets of incarceration without cause, and other abuse at the hands of governments eager to deflect attention from the real issues of failing economies and unpopular wars. In many countries, governments have enacted laws to make it illegal to work with overseas organisations now declared “terrorist” – putting at risk communities who have worked to support liberation fighters around the world.

It follows that those who fight to change the world will be met with resistance by those who do not want it changed. One does not have to participate in extralegal activities to raise the interest of state security forces (whether those be local, regional or national agencies). Security culture must no longer be thought of as merely the domain of those who might break unjust laws – but as something that is part of the organising toolbox as a mechanism for community self-defense.

The guidelines presented here are designed to enhance your personal safety as well as the overall effectiveness of our movements. By adopting a security culture, we can limit or neutralise counter-intelligence operations meant to disrupt our political organising, be it mainstream or underground.



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OpArbitrium is Anonymous Italy campaign in support of VOTING NO in Sunday 4th Dec referendum on changing the Italian Constitution. Those changes will give even more power to the central government, removing people even further from having a voice. Adding to the list of Italian proYes websites been already defaced :   Dear Mr Read more » 

Write Your Thoughts to President-Elect Trump and Secretary of Clinton for Free! ..Brilliant 😀 Compose your message of congratulations, consolation or concern and we’ll write it on a customized note and deliver it to President-Elect Trump or Secretary Clinton.   Write Your Thoughts to President-Elect Trump and Secretary of Clinton for Free!

By Anonymous | December 2, 2016 - 5:04 pm
Hello Italians, We are Anonymous
On December 4th, the Italian people is called to decide on revising the Constitution, this Referendum is imposed by the current government (PM Renzi). The highest expression of democracy is through the vote, the most modernexpression of dissent and freedom of a country.


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VOCÊ VÊ O QUE EU VEJO? “Você pode ignorar a realidade, mas não pode ignorar as consequências de ignorar a realidade”. Edição: Romildo Mendes You see what I see? “you can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”. “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not Read more » 

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The Risks of Doxing –  “New url 03.2016” How to avoid getting Doxed Doxing Format Information gathering search engines/tools Doxing Catogory How to Dox a Cop After Dox. “Important” Firefox (and Tor) About:Config settings Video guide IRC Networks