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OpRevengePorn ENGAGED

Revenge Porn is one of the lowest acts one person can inflict on another, it’s humiliating, degrading, intimidating & in some cases life altering to the point of suicide. We’ve all heard of the scum-bags Hunter More & Craig Brittain, but there are 100’s more, possible 1000’s of equally as disgusting fux who believe they can run #RevengePorn sites with impunity. They laugh at others pain while reaping thousands of dollars in blackmail money….”give me $XXX & I’ll remove the post”. That shit ENDS TODAY.

Follow our main twitter account @Oprevengeporn for a list of targets & those sites that are #TangoDown. The DM on this accopunt is open, feel free to to let us know about any RevengePorn sites you see or know of…we WILL shut them down!
As of now, Anonymous Operation RevengePorn is ENGAGED. We will find, expose & shut those sites down…WE SEE WE JUDGE.

RevengePorn Posters, site owners and hosts…YOU SHOULD’VE EXPECTED US.


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3 Responses to OpRevengePorn ENGAGED

  1. January 25, 2016 at 20:09
    Sleephygiene says:

    this is what i think about people who make revenge porn

  2. Kindly take down They derive joy in humiliating ladies and they never respond to requests to take down pictures

  3. August 4, 2016 at 13:18
    Anonymous says:

    Yes please have refused notices, legal warnings and regular requests for several years. Myself and some of my friends have been affected by revenge porn and have found that was used to post the pics.

    The only contact detail is an email address that no one replies to.

    Over it totally please take it down.