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Russian DNR terrorist Andrey Purgin massive data leak.

Slava Ukraini!

This very day we present Archives of Russian wanted Terrorist – leader of Terrorist organization DNR – Andrey Purgin – anyone eager to explore it will understand how DNR conducts business and how they care
about the people that live in Donbass region under DNR-FSB terror Regime.
Inside are relationship between DNR leaders and Ukrainian business moguls, government officials and Ukraine speacial services including crooked law enforcement agencies that are being paid well to corroborate terrorist organizations like DNR in illegal deeds.

As example Kharzisk Pipe Factory (HTZ) owned by Rinat Ahmetov – this factory located on the occupied territory and being sold under protection of Ukrainian government officials represented by Vadim Grib of Tekt Corp – all the goodies that come from this sale which is $400 mln wil go to support DNR terrorists.
Theres alot of such examples inside the archives and we urge all the interested parties to explore and help us fight this plague Ukraine is suffering at the moment.

Preview with most of the examples: like swifts and moneylaundering including contracts etc,

Russian Terrorist Andrey Purgin archive leak DNR

Maine archive:

Email us for the rest of the information since we posess about 4GB of emails and telecoms that we spooked from Purgins computer and phone.

copy of this manifesto

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