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Statement From Commander X On The Release Of His First Book

cmdxThe first thing I’d like to say is I really just hope everyone likes the book. I’m a writer and have always enjoyed it, I enjoy telling a story. I’d like to think that with Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous I have told a story worth reading.

Bringing Behind The Mask to market, to you the people – was an incredible challenge. One I wasn’t always certain I was up to. One does not simply publish a book without publisher. One may, if one chooses – become a publisher. That is essentially what I have done. What is known as the “Imprint” is my own hacker crew, Legion Security. And then once the material is prepared by the “Imprint” organization, it is handed off to our primary publisher/distribute: Lulu.

A word about Lulu. I could not have done this without them. What Lulu does is they are essentially a platform for people to build their own “Imprints” and publish. They are also handle distribution, including direct sales, wholesale bookstore distribution and placement in Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I have to say it is the most amazing platform ever for publishing, and while others have sprung up with similar platforms – none can touch Lulu. I thank them, and wish them and their legal department the best of luck defending their right to publish and distribute this work from attacks by the USDOJ.

As you know from the Press Release I put out weeks ago, Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous will be released in a cycle beginning with the Hardbound edition available today. The Hardbound I am very proud of, as I pulled out all the stops with material to try and come up with a truly gorgeous archival quality book that can be deposited in major Libraries. But I still managed to bring it in on budget and it retails direct from Lulu for a very reasonable $19.20 USD.

After the festivities today, I will begin the final process of loading the Paperback version of Behind The Mask which is due to be released on November 15. Assuming everything has gone ok with the Hardbound release, the Paperback by comparison is easy. The Paperback also is what is known in the industry as “bookstore quality”, and I did that mostly in the hope it will actually get ordered by some bookstores. It really is very high quality, and only $9.00 USD retail direct from Lulu. The eBook is even easier, and it will come out just about a week later on November 28th “Cyber Monday”. It will be available on tablets, Nooks and Kindles.

That will complete the “release cycle” for Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous. I know the Press release mentioned an Audio Book, but I have to just admit that under my current circumstances I just can’t make that happen. Not, at least in a quality way like the other versions. So I’m going to pass on it for now.

I am launching the book today from a secure undisclosed location, a hotel suite somewhere here in Canada. Myself and my team, a documentary crew and one or two lucky journalists are going to party like it’s 1999. The festivities here will run from launch time until maybe midnight, and I’ll do my level best to post some video and pics through out the day on my Twitter account, as operational security and time allow. If you end up buying a copy of Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous, either today or in the future – thanks for reading.


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