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By Anonymous | July 15, 2016 - 20:13 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Who is Anonymous?

The hacktivist collective Anonymous has targeted everyone from PayPal to the FBI. CyberWar – Tuesdays 10:30P. Ben Makuch travels the world to meet with hackers, government officials, and dissidents to investigate the ecosystem of cyberwarfare. Anonymous came to the fore in 2008 when they attacked the church of Scientology. Since then their coordinated collective action Read more » 

By Anonymous | March 4, 2016 - 20:30 | Posted in AnonyNews | 2 Comments

What we have accomplished, what we’re doing, and where we’re going from here SEE: ‘OpAfrica Engaged’ HERE: https://archive.cyberguerrilla.org/a/2016/opafrica-engaged/ Operation Africa, which began as a small Op composed of few individuals with big plans has grown into an international effort between hacktivists from around the world. Our focus remains on the disassembly of corporations and governments Read more » 

By Anonymous | February 17, 2016 - 15:42 | Posted in AnonyNews | 2 Comments

Greetings, We are World Hacker Team. We have read some media sites claim we published innocent people data. That’s not true. We just published the biggest staff list in their databases. If there is a fault that is not our fault. That’s system admins’ fault who they still store old staff data in their databases. Read more » 

By Anonymous | February 10, 2016 - 18:45 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on LulzSec Member Hacks and Leaks National Statistics Office of United Kingdom

Target: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ Download Tor to .onion sites: https://www.torproject.org/ bethesda_PRETENTIOUS PRESS STATEMENT(Tor url) Leaks: Admin Configurations(Tor url) IDSoftware Mapped(Tor url) Brink Signups Mapped(Tor url) Arkane Mapped(Tor url) Admin Staff & Bethblog User Hashes(Tor url) Jobs Database Mapped(Tor url) Brink Codes Mapped(Tor url) Total Servers Pillaged(Tor url) Server Logs(Tor url) Rage Mapped(Tor url) Bethblog Mapped(Tor url)

By Anonymous | February 3, 2016 - 21:28 | Posted in /b/ | 4 Comments

Error404, a member of LulzSec extract the database of the parliament of malawi for the #OpAfrica, and deface 4 government website in 1 day just fo lulz about security. Parliament of malawai : https://ghostbin.com/paste/jkpoc Deface : https://mydeface.com/defacersp?def=Error404 Press Release: https://archive.cyberguerrilla.org/a/2016/opafrica-engaged/

By Anonymous | January 30, 2016 - 16:50 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on LulzSec Member Hacks and Leaks Colombian Ministry of Education Ministry of Information and Communications

https://twitter.com/hanomlulzsec Targets: www.mintic.gov.co http://www.mineducacion.gov.co/1759/portada-paz-presidencia.html Motivation: Corruption Reference Article:  http://j.mp/23xOBZ0 Leaks: https://ghostbin.com/paste/mbjqa Meet and Join Us: ..:: =[]= CyberGuerrilla Nexus =[]= ::.. » Way’s to connect to Cyberguerrilla IRC irc.cyberguerrilla.org Port 6697 webchat.cyberguerrilla.org Channels: #newanonymous #pure-elite #opnewblood