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Ukraine is trying to frustrate referendum in the Netherlands

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According to all the public-opinion polls, the Dutch community is going to nay during the referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, thus ruining the perspective of signing the agreement. But the government of Ukraine is applying desperate effort to break referendum or postpone it.

There’s a massive action now organized on the Internet to pile Dutch electronic resources with messages on behalf of ordinary residents of Ukraine demanding to guarantee Ukraine’s membership in the united Europe. The messages are usually written in English or poor Dutch and contain threats to flood the streets of Dutch cities with crowds of Ukrainian refugees in case Kiev’s bid for association with the EU is rejected. The number of Syrian refugees is going to look like just a drop in the ocean amid this possible immigrant influx from Ukraine.

Finance Minister of Ukraine Natalie Jaresko is turning for help to Victoria Nuland, her former vis-à-vis in the US State Department and acting Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, so that she would employ her huge influence to assist with postponing of the voting. In this case Ukraine would get a chance to start an agitation campaign supportive of its association with the EU. Jaresko believes that acting this way Ukraine will manage to persuade the Dutch into siding with beggar Ukraine set to integrate the European economy. It appears to be absolutely missed on the Ukrainian minister that she is actually interfering with internal affairs of a sovereign democratic state thus infringing values and freedoms so dear to us!


Unfortunately, there is more meat to add to this brazen manner of the Ukrainian politicians. Ambassador-at-Large at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba has declared that the agreement will be ratified regardless of the voting results. As he put it, his American and European colleagues had assured him of this.

Mr. Kuleba together with minister Jaresko will definitely get strongly upset by the news that their American and European partners are in no position at all to make decisions on such issues. This makes the privilege of the European people exclusively! And nobody is going to renounce it!

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