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Video Exposing Vile Pedophiles for Anons to Share on Youtube

Kiwi Farms is a vile website that began life targeting the disabled. More recently it has moved on to horrific pedophilia. Journalists both left and right, liberal and conservative have exposed the site but as so often happens law enforcement has been slow to catch up. The owner has said that only child pornography that actually involves children being hurt arouses him.

This post is a quick dump of some articles and videos as evidence to support the allegations. The articles are by American, British and Welsh journalists. Left and Right. This is no one’s personal army. After that, there is an Anonynous video to upload and share on YouTube with a text transcript to put in the description. Preferred title is Urgent Message from #OpPedoHunters.

New York Magazine Article (Evidence of stalking and grooming by Kiwi Farms)

Go to

Daily Kos Article (Evidence of pedophilia by Kiwi Farms owner)

Go to

Matthew Hopkins News (Evidence of pedophilia by Kiwi Farms)

Go to

Matthew Hopkins News Video (Evidence of seriously f***ed up pedophilia by Kiwi Farms)

Crocels News (Evidence of racism by Kiwi Farms owner)

Go to

These journalists have done what they can. It is time for We Anonymous to step in and share it. These journalists are on the case. Imagine if hypothetically someone somehow obtained a dump of the membership database for Kiwi Farms and shared it with the journalists.

Anonymous has Made a Video About Kiwi Farms Please Share it

Video and transcript, with access codes. Please upload the video (first link) and use the transcript (second link) in the description. YR4tDOj AXCT8Oe

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