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Weapons Of Mass Instruction

Anonymous is not a club or a group that you join, it is simply an idea, or a collective.

Anyone can be Anonymous, all you have to do is support it.

Planning protests in your local area, spreading the word/news about that particular operation, spreading information about Anonymous in general, are all examples of how you can help.

Be creative, and do whatever YOU think is right.

Help to setup a communication infrastructure controlled by the movement and not corporations or the government.

Donate To Help The Community!

Private Search Engines: (Recommended)
Profile Information Websites:
Governments/business Websites:
Background Checks and other personal information:
Hacking Websites:
http://hackthepc. (remove space!)
General English:
General French:
General Python:
General C:
General: C++:
General Javascript:
General VBScript:
General Assembly:
General Html/CSS:
General VB/VB.NET:
General Java:
General PHP:
Online Tools etc.:
SMS Sender:
Fake Mailer:
Javascript Debugger/Tester:
Online Admin Page Finder:

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