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Sunday – November 5, 2017

Greetings Everyone —

As you all know by now from the press release by Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle, I have entered the nation of Mexico this morning to obtain sanctuary and political asylum from persecution in the USA. I do not really have much to add to that statement, except to reassure everyone that I am doing as well as I cab considering my difficult travels. I am tired, and I have been in better health.

And I have a great deal I want to say, believe me. However, it seems wise at this point to remain silent while I do my work of obtaining formal refugee status. And so until that time I will allow others on my Team to be my official voice. When Mexico guarantees my safety, I will announce a major press conference here in Mexico which I will attend – and until then I intend on keeping my peace. This includes private communications with anyone, even friends and family. The latter has waited a decade to communicate with me. I must ask you to wait just a bit longer, as I will not be replying to messages from anyone except legal counsel until I have refugee status.

While we all wait, the following people, orginizations – and social media accounts should be considered my official voice and can be relied upon for information regarding my legal and health status. I ask everyone to keep me in your thoughts, and to support the efforts of those listed below. I thank everyone for your care and concern, and I apologize that I can not yet communicate with you. Please be patient.



Twitter: @OpGoldenEagle

Website: www.OperationGoldenEagle.cf


Free Commander X Committee

Twitter: @FreeCommanderX



Twitter: @FreeAnons

Website: www.FreeAnons.org


Official Spokesperson Ian Thornton

Twitter: @IanThornton_

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