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[a professional legislation by Dr. Topiary; butthurt analysis expert and part-time nigger]

Emotions that were running through ddwrt head upon butthurt.
What initially caused ddwrt to start acting like such a faggot.
FUCK i just lost the game….
Explanation what should happen next in order to quell the butthurt:
i shouldn't have lost the game fucking suck cocks , also cocks.
=[]= This ASSESSMENT is run by CyberGuerrillA, your friendly Anonymous Autonomous BUTTHURT Komintern since 2010. =[]=
Hail our Supreme, Glorius Leader Chairman Meow he was right as always! ..::: (All standup & applause …) :::..

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One Response to A #CyberGuerrillA BUTTHURT ASSESSMENT for ddwrt

  1. June 2, 2017 at 19:59
    Crooked247 says:

    Butthurturgirls was better

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