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Africa Aerospace and Defence hacked and defaced by BlackFlyingFrog to protest Arms Trade

| December 9th, 2017 by Anonymous | Comments Off on Africa Aerospace and Defence hacked and defaced by BlackFlyingFrog to protest Arms Trade

Namaste Brothers and Sisters,

The governments and imperialist cliques, together with their press, tell you to hold out to the end, in order to liberate oppressed nations. This is the crudest method of deception of all those that have been utilized in war’s. The true goal of this generalized slaughter is, for some, to secure lands that they have assembled and conquered through centuries of war’s. Others want to divide the world anew in order to expand their holdings. They aim to annex additional lands, to cut apart and tear apart entire peoples, in order to reduce them to the status of common serfs and chattels.

Your governments and your press tell you that the war must be continued in order to destroy terrorism. Do not be deceived! Terrorism can only be eliminated by peace itself, and the task of bringing it down is posed in every country. Your governments and your press also tell you that the war’s must be continued so that it can be the last war on… This too is a deception. Never has a war put an end to war or terrorism. On the contrary, each war awakens the lust for revenge. Violence begets violence. Thus after each sacrifice, your tormentors will demand new ones. Nor do the ruling pacifist zealots offer an escape from this vicious circle.

There is only one way to prevent future wars, namely for the Brothers, Sisters to conquer political power and abolish capitalist property. Enduring peace can only be achieved by victorious empowerment of the people.

Down with the war’s!
Long live peace!
We are Autonomen.
We are ungovernable!

Target: http://www.aadexpo.co.za (Africa Aerospace and Defence)
Motivation: Arms Trade, OpAfrica, FreePalestine, Yemen
Leaks: https://justpaste.it/1ee0c


irc.cyberguerrilla.org port 6697
Channel: #cgan



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