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Hello, my fellow hackers!

Yes… We’re asking for help again. Quick summary of what happened in this two weeks:

  • Eight of our ministers got imprisoned with charges of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement. Just like the rest of the Catalan Government. Those charges are, indeed, FAKE. Made totally up. But they could face up to 30 years in prison. The Spanish Fascist Government has, again, used law as it has wanted to clear from the political map any detractors of the “status quo” (in this case, because the Catalan government held an self-determination referendum and proclaimed independence after 90% of the voters chose that.). So, as you can see things are not going very well.
  • The other half of the Catalan government (the President and 4 other ministers) are currently in exile in Belgium, where they are awaiting a trial to decide if they are returned to Spain (as the Spanish judge wants. Oh! And in case you haven’t noticed yet, these judges are also fascist. [They basically do what the Spanish government tells them to]). Obviously, if they are sent back to Spain, they will be imprisoned immediately.
  • The Spanish Government has called for elections on December 21st. Oh, and did you know that they said that if pro-independence parties won again, they would use direct rule over Catalonia again? Basically, “if the result is not the one we want, we will continue to rule as we please”.

Seeing all of this, a General Strike will be hold tomorrow, on November 8th. We know one day of strike isn’t going to have any effect on this corrupt system. That is why I’m calling for help. Again. Because something needs to be done. Because we cannot leave citizens unarmed against a repressive State. Tomorrow, any action on the big companies ruling in Spain (the most important ones are those from the stock market “IBEX-35”) would be a great action of solidarity with people.

This isn’t over yet. There is a long fight ahead, and we cannot lose our fighting spirit.

No Masters No Slaves!
Down with the fascists!
Long live Liberty!
We are Autonomen.
We are ungovernable!

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6 Responses to And yet, another call for help from Catalonia OpCatalunya

  1. This is political bullshit. Cataluña already enjoys broad freedoms in language, culture, health, education, travel, and civil defense within a democratic framework that many counties would envy. The actions of the separatists have been a farce. The political elite have abused democratic principles to dupe the public into believing a myth that Cataluña is oppressed in order to consolidate their power power and wealth. How stupid can people be!! Go ahead, boycott Spanish companies and institutions. Jobs and the economy will suffer for decades. Just plain stupid.

    • Do you really think that this “political bullshit” is something made up by elites? Have you seen all the people who demonstrate every day? Have you seen the strikes?
      Do you think that “elites” are capable of manipulating that many people? I cannot understand you.
      When you live a moment like this, I can assure you that elites have nothing to do with it. Only people save people.

      Moreover, I think that elites are the ones opposing this “political bullshit”. And it is not only about the economy, health or civil defense. It’s about human rights, democracy and freedom.

      It is better to be poor than to be a slave

  2. Hello all!

    And now a group of fascist opened a web to report schools and teachers who debates in class about the situation from part of an ethic subject.
    Eight teachers have been brought to the court and have been free WITH CHARGES while the franquists manifestations in the streets have total impunity.
    The webpage is https://www.societatcivilcatalana.cat/es/agrupacion-de-ensenanza-0

    This is another attack to the freedom, we are going back in time to the darkness of the fascist hegemony.

    Please, if anybody can make anything with this page the catalan people will thank you.

    Quan convé seguem cadenes!!

  3. November 25, 2017 at 10:38
    Publish ME says:

    You are the fascists, you want to eliminate the 50% of Catalonia. You are nothing one to say those charges are “fake”. The “self-determination referendum” was a fraud. The Catalonian Government are in prision to break the rule of Law repeatedly.He has expressed total contempt and abuse of the rules, the Spanish Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy, following a false “democratic mandate” of the people of Catalonia. All of you have a really distorted vision of the political reality, because your extreme ideology blind you to see the reality. But if yoU like Anarchy and Comunism you will like what is happened in Catalonia.
    Catalonia is a part of Spain and will be for ever

  4. The real thing is taking place in Catalonia is if its real that the people can change the world or we are slaves of the elites.
    I will stand with the people, always. i will always support the opposite side of the elites.
    I hope you will beat them, peacefully. But if not, i hope you can beat them anyway.
    We, the people, have the power and we have to remind them that truth.

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