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Anonymous A FreeCatalonia Remember the 21th of December

| December 15th, 2017 by Anonymous | Comments Off on Anonymous A FreeCatalonia Remember the 21th of December


 Hello Spain, we are anonymous.

There is no single position on all of this. All reject institutional politics, bourgeois nationalism, and class collaboration, and we will never applaud the Catalan police. At times, the situation is not inviting to participation. Even so, there are many who affirm that where they live, they find themselves on the side of those who decided to take the streets. We can stay indoors while police threaten and beat people who desire to have more of a say in their lives? It is tempting to want to break up the Spanish state or, if not to destroy it, at least to debilitate it through a popular struggle. And when people are in the streets, this presents the possibility that things might overflow, exceeding their limits.. although at the moment, this is difficult since it is politicians who hold the initiative.

Remember remember.. the 21th of December, Spain Government. We back to hurt ur butt make no mistake we watch ur every faggotry when u try to deprive the will of the people. The primary objective of our invasion is to protest the implementation of ur Franco-Facsism on the people of Catalonia. You call us criminals we exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias.. and you call us criminals. You are founded on Franco-Facsist laws, You violently try to destroy the longing of a people, and lie to ur own people and try to make them believe it’s for their own good with ur cronyism, kleptocracy, bureaucracy.

Visca la terra lliure de patriotismes! Here’s to an earth free of patriotism! we have to acknowledge the disobedience of the Catalan people, their confrontation with the police, and the resistance that they’ve demonstrated. The point isn’t to help build a new state, but rather to demonstrate through practice that self-organization, networks of mutual aid, and assemblies are the real alternative to the Spanish state, and through this we find each other. Our struggle is to be present in the streets, via the internet to offer our vision and denounce the violence of the state, whether it be Spanish, Catalan, or Chinese!

We don’t know if to vote or not that is up to the Catalan people, but we do know that the Spanish government is getting more fascist by the day. It’s not that it surprises, in any case we are against a government that approves the slogan “better bloody than broken,” referring to the Iberian peninsula and so-called Spain, which already indicates how old this subject is—something that has been going on for centuries.

Hit them hard, hit them gooooddddd let them never forget the 21th of December and if we cannot have lulz, it’s not our idea.

We are anonymous,
we are legion,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget.
We are ungovernable!

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