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Anonymous call to action against Trump regime

| January 31st, 2017 by Anonymous | 8 Comments

Greetings Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous

This is an open call to establish travel bans on United States citizens, boycott US made products, divest of US or Trump related business interests, and apply sanctions on the Trump regime and all of its associates. Until the danger the United States today possesses against the world is resolved. Reciprocity measures must be enacted against the United States to challenge its shameless actions under the Trump regime. Global response must also come in the form of economic sanctions on products directly associated with the Trump corporate brand.

As citizens of the world we must unite against tyranny wherever it emerges and challenge it. As Trump reveals himself to be a danger not just for the US but the rest of the international community it is our right to protect and defend ourselves from the madness of rogue entity with no regard for international law, human rights, or common decency.

We call on the international community from all backgrounds and ideologies, across social stratas and religions, to resist the madness leaking out of the United States. We call for the creation of global boycotts against US made products, we call on you to contact your representatives and members of parliament and congress to apply sanctions on the Trump regime, we call on you to take part in divestment of US shares. BDS the US until the maleficent Trump regime is brought to justice.

To the citizens of the United States, this is not an attack on you but firm and necessary action against the rising tyranny that today befalls you. Participate in your own liberation from the Trump regime by applying economic and political pressure on your house and senate representatives to push the impeachment of the Trump regime. The Trump regime will not listen to protests in the streets, but it will crumble under protests in the work force & sanctions, divestment, and boycotts abroad. We call on you, the citizens of the United States, to organize rolling work strikes nation-wide. Remove your labour from the pockets of the tyrants, disrupt the markets they are so proud of, and take the reins of your governance back by building society and mass collaboration. Forget making America great again, together we can make humanity great again.

We are Anonymous.
We are everywhere.
We are legion.
We are those you have left without a home.
We are those you have murdered.
We are voiceless no more.
The world will change. We’ll change it.

Tyrants of the World,
Expect Us!

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8 Responses to Anonymous call to action against Trump regime

  1. January 31, 2017 at 19:09
    Sean Campbell says:

    Let’s Make The WORLD GREAT

  2. February 2, 2017 at 23:19
    WTF nation says:

    where were all of the outcries and protests the past 15+ years…. more people deported in 8 years than ever. first ever sanctioned assassination of a US citizen. expansion of big brother and war profiteering. this has Soros agenda written all over it. wake the fuck up, there are no sides all are vile and should be condemned.

  3. get his freaking tax returns

  4. Impeach trump

  5. Too late for impeachment ! The Nazis have taken the stage. Our Democracy went down the Siberian Trail. ” What now daddy ? “. Cried the children of the world !
    Run and hide little ones ! We shall stop them, we did not then. Can we now ?

  6. Think of structure under Trump as a barely-stable pig building. You are angry birds with limited resources. Aim carefully. You must strategize. Empower those working against regime. Weaken those supporting regime. If technique or approach does not work, try something else. Think out-of-the-box.

    Would help if someone could post method for getting phone numbers and email addresses into lists used by companies to harass people. Bill collectors, spammers, and such.

  7. August 24, 2017 at 21:34
    Just a random guy says:

    There are so many religious lunatics following him and Pence is said to be very religious.
    It should be feasible to scare the shit out of them. What we need is a special effects specialist and a team to cover him. Some sulfur smoke here, some creepy sounds there and maybe some “demonic” projections. I mean we deal with simple minds so why not treat them like that?
    The biggest problem is coming near enough to e.g. a rally crowd as the secret service guys won’t be so stupid and unfit as the guys they are protecting.

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