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Targets: www.davos.ch www.davosklosters.ch www.davoscongress.ch

Leaks:  (Use Tor Browser to open site) http://qkjscem7kksghlux.onion/dump/davos2017/

We fight governments
We fight leaders
We fight politicians
We fight fascists
We fight racists
We fight child abusers
We fight banksters
We fight bosses and corporation
We fight white collars
We fight exploiters
We fight corruptions
We fight killers of women
We fight prisons
We fight nationalists
We fight authority
We fight system

We are here for better world.
We are here for oppressed people of the world, exploited people of the world, enslaved people of the world, lgbti people of the world, enslaved and offended women of the world, imprisoned people of the world, abused children of the world, people’s freedom, animal’s freedom, nature’s freedom.
We are rebels
We are revolutionaries
We are freedom fighters
We are Anarchists
We are Communists
We are leftist people of the world
We are Anonymous

People of the world, Wake up and Stand up!
Defend your freedom
Defend your rights
Defend your animals
Defend your nature
Defend your women
Defend your children
Defend your imprisoners
Defend your workers
Defend your privacy
Defend your secrecy

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2 Responses to Anonymous hacks: Davos City sites hacked in protest of World Economic Forum 2017

  1. Onion link seems to be down at the moment

  2. I would love to be anonymous, but the problem of geography and technology is not going to be the case

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