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Anonymous hacks nic.go.th for OpSingleGateway

| January 21st, 2017 by Anonymous | 6 Comments

Target: nic.go.th
Motivation: OpSingleGateway
Download Tor Browser: https://www.torproject.org
Leak: http://ruqay5morumo3tcg.onion/?60e061f70ef21204#aCR3WSA4R+YkKI2UAjDSr4Ft2NJzAdXQrDjKRZcXqUU=

Greetings and salutations ladies, gentlemen and generals, Anonymous is calling.

The Thai government has not been listening very well, so we shall outline some of our demands once

Anonymous wants the Thai government to abandon the practice of lese majeste prosecutions and release
those already convicted of this “offense”.

The 2007 Computer Crime Act and it’s various amendments needs to be repealed and the government
needs to draft replacement legislation that takes into account the wishes of the Thai people and
their right to freedom of speech online and off.

Free Pai. Free all political prisoners.

Anonymous demands that the Thai government abandon plans for a single internet gateway in Thailand
and publicly state that all activity and planning for this terrible scheme has been completely and
permanently abandoned.

The government needs to give a full account of how many alleged hackers have been arrested, where
they are being held for questioning, whether they have had access to legal counsel and when they
can expect a fair trial in a civilian court.

The Junta need to hire competent IT professionals to audit network security at Thai hospitals and
the Ministry of Public Health, sensitive data belonging to Thai citizens is trivial for hackers to
access. Stop chasing critics on Facebook and protect your citizens instead of pursuing them for
speaking their minds.

Free and open elections, unrestricted by an atmosphere of fear that will prevent political debate.

To ensure that this message is received we are going to leak some data from the Government
Customs Department, starting with details of all Customs officers. Yup, all of them.

OpSingleGateway will not stop.

Anonymous will not stop.

Good day everyone.

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