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Anonymous – Operation May Day 2017

| April 12th, 2017 by Anonymous | Comments Off on Anonymous – Operation May Day 2017

This is a message to all Supporters, to all freedom fighters, to all dissenters, to all forgotten. A call to all intellectuals, to all Journalists. A call to all free thinkers. A call for intelligence. This is a call to all poets. A call to the strong and the weak. A call to all young people. To the wise, to the astucious. We want you to join us. We are on the streets of Tokyo. In the skyscrapers of New York. In the lanes of Paris. In the cellars of Munich. On Moscow`s icy places. On the coobled streets of Dublin.

This is a call to all people. To the youth. Join us in the fight for freedom of information. Search for us, and you will find us. We are among you. We are you, everyone you speak with can be a member of Anonymous. We have no leaders, only an orientation. We have no targets, only results. You can not stop us,
because we are an idea. We can not be eliminated because we are invisible. If you try to mock us, we will mock ourselves. If you try to slander us, we will accept the defamation. We are the king`s jesters with daggers. We are the dancing bear which tears to pieces the laughing mob.

We are Anonymous.
We are a Legion
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us, just as we expect you.

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