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Anonymous OpSaudi 2017

| July 24th, 2017 by Anonymous | 2 Comments

The Operation start at 25/7/2017 | Main attacks: Data Leakage , Deface , DDoS

The question is simple. Why are we targetting Saudi Arabia?. Here are the reasons why:

+ Saudi Arabia, a country that makes life for expatriates a hell on earth.

+ All the expatriates living here are harassed by the police no matter what nationality they are.

+ They are imposing many new types of fees on the expatriates and yet the expatriates won’t get any benefits out of it

+ The expatriates here are treated like dirt by the local citizens.

+ No one here has a freedom of speech here.

+ The banks here are all under the influence of Illuminati.

+ For most of the stuff here, you’d need to be a saudi or else you can’t get the benefit.

+ Expatriates can’t get any citizenship even if they lived here for 50 years.

+ Most of the news here is fake and gets censored if it goes against the kingdom.

+ If any one speaks against the kingdom here, they get executed by the officials.

+ Humanity doesn’t exist here.


Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/OpSaudi2017

We are Anonymous

we are a legion
We do not forgive
we do not forget
Expect us

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2 Responses to Anonymous OpSaudi 2017

  1. July 24, 2017 at 15:49
    Anonymous says:

    call it Hejaz liberation army

    that’ ll be fun

    because saudi is originally the land of hejaz not a kingdom named after a person (family name)

  2. August 11, 2017 at 05:32
    AlphaBayAnonymous says:

    Are you a saudi national or just live there?

    I will wait for a comment

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