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Call for Help Catalans

| October 26th, 2017 by Anonymous | Comments Off on Call for Help Catalans

Hello there,

during this last month we have been able to see the true face of the fascist Spanish government. In order to help Catalans pursue their freedom, I am calling all of you to help them.


If you helped DDoSing sites such as libertaddigital.com (it is a fascist online newspaper) or other Spanish Government online services, it would mean a lot for all the people who are taking the streets every day to claim for freedom and for the respect of human rights, which the Spanish Fascist Government is taking them by using police brutality (as seen on October 1st).


So please, I beg for your help, brothers.


Down with the fascists!

We are Anonymous,

We are a Legion.

We do not forgive,

We do not forget.

Expect Us!


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