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CgAn Course 2: How to make any linux OS a pentest OS

| November 2nd, 2017 by Doemela | Comments Off on CgAn Course 2: How to make any linux OS a pentest OS

See https://archive.cyberguerrilla.org/a/2017/cgan-teach-the-world-about-hacking-hacktivism/
Course Lesson material:

[Anon_Blackcat01] so welcome on and all to tonights lesson
[Anon_Blackcat01] if you have any queries, please direct them to my teachers pets
[Mink] yes yes
[Anon_Blackcat01] if you are confused as to who they are just look for the HOP status
[W4RL0RD] Damn what a gay color.
[Moods] that matches u
[Aspire] lol
[Anon_Blackcat01] by a simple WIN or LIN who here runs linux or windows
[W4RL0RD] Thanks.
[Moods] np
[Moods] anytime
[Anon_Blackcat01] nobody gonna answer lol
[l0t3D_] win
[Aspire] win
[Arkhangel] both
[Moods] both
[l0t3D_] your base os?
[l0t3D_] is both?
[Moods] we got both
[Moods] i got both
[Moods] two laptops
[Arkhangel] y
[Arkhangel] [3
[l0t3D_] oh
[l0t3D_] ๐Ÿ˜€
[l0t3D_] my bad
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok
[Moods] do u guys rlly run win
[Moods] lmao
[Aspire] yes
[Aspire] ๐Ÿ™
[Anon_Blackcat01] so quite a few of you will be familiar with the different linux os distributions available
[Arkhangel] im running embedded linux
[Moods] im in archlinux right now
[Arkhangel] jk
[Anon_Blackcat01] this brings us to the first link for tonight:
[Anon_Blackcat01] https://onhax.me/best-operating-system-for-penetration-testing-hacking
[Moods] xnxx.com
[Moods] oh yea that one
[Aspire] lol
[Anon_Blackcat01] if you can all please follow the link provided
* arank clicks
[l0t3D_] it wont open
[l0t3D_] DDoS protection
[Arkhangel] what is the sense to insert backtrack if it is the old version of kali?
[Moods] 2h later till they get captcha right
[Aspire] ive already opened it
[Moods] r3
[Mink] you’ll need javascript ON for that
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok let me know when you are all there
[Aspire] i am
[Arkhangel] i am
[Moods] i is
[Arkhangel] QUEST – What is the sense to insert backtrack if it is the old version of kali?
[Mink] Arkhangel, don’t have to download everything from there, that is as a reference
[Moods] lol why doesnt anybody want to answer that
[W4RL0RD] Arkhangel: None.
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok there are allot of distros listed so lets go through them quickly
[Anon_Blackcat01] ofc kali is listed first you will see they specify why kali distro is rated so highly
[Anon_Blackcat01] but as we go down the list you can see there are some pretty rare distros
[Moods] are the good tho
[Anon_Blackcat01] let me know if there are any you have not heard of before
[Anon_Blackcat01] they are all very different distros and obv some lighter than others
[Moods] Lmaooo
[Aspire] i didnt know some of them
[Moods] i havent head of none of these except kali linux, backtrack and blackarch
[Moods] heard*
[Mink] honestly.. me too
[Moods] pentoo two
[Moods] to
[Anon_Blackcat01] for instance who here had heard of nodezero distro before
[Arkhangel] QUEST – What is the difference between Ubuntu-based and Debian-based distro?
[Go5u1337] I haven’t
[l0t3D_] i havent heard of most of themn
[Mink] Arkhangel, usually ubunto-based have newer repositorie
[Anon_Blackcat01] for all of you who are curious there are links to download these distros
[Mink] debian-based are more “stable”
[deathofdeath] those i already known : Kali , backtrack , ParrotSecOs , blackarch
[Moods] those that u didnt know
[n1ck1] ubunto is based in debian
[Moods] read
[n1ck1] debian is build from scratch
[n1ck1] ?
[W4RL0RD] Anon_Blackcat01: Me.
[Go5u1337] I think I’ll try BackBox since it seems really light
[Mink] ubunto is build on debian, the main difference is which components are used to make a whole OS
[Anon_Blackcat01] guys i would highly reccomend that be adventerous and try out some of the more rare distros
[Anon_Blackcat01] i think you will be pleasantly surprised
[Anon_Blackcat01] by what they have to offer
[n1ck1] I tested since brack ]] track 4, 5, 5r1 and 5r2, kali 1.0 and now with sana
[W4RL0RD] Arkhangel: Well since Ubuntu is built on Debian i would call everything Debian-based.
[Arkhangel] y W4RL0RD u’re right
[W4RL0RD] Arkhangel: Of course the differences are mostly the packages.
[Arkhangel] Weakerth4n seems nice
[n1ck1] I already tested it Kurumin in 2014, Debian, Ubunto, back track 4, 5, 5r1, 5r2….kali 1.0 n Sana
[Moods] i dont think this is that important
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok guys i am going to let you read the rest of that list later on your own
[n1ck1] I’m thinking of migrating to arch or gentoo, which one do you recommend me first?
[Aspire] which one do you think i should download?
[Anon_Blackcat01] and i really do hope you try some of them
[Moods] arch
[Anon_Blackcat01] Aspire: try nodezero
[Mink] n1ck1, gentoo is very advanced, u’ll have to compile pretty much everything
[Aspire] ok thanks Anon_Blackcat01
[W4RL0RD] n1ck1: Do NOT try Gentoo.
[Aspire] lol
[W4RL0RD] Not at least your beard is about 1 foot long.
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok folks lets move on
[Anon_Blackcat01] we will now take a look at the excercise for tonight
[Anon_Blackcat01] you were warned in advance
[n1ck1] ok tkx Min W4rlord n [oods
[n1ck1] Moods*
[Anon_Blackcat01] that there are requirements
[Anon_Blackcat01] but
[Anon_Blackcat01] you can choose to do this now or later by yourself
[Aspire] ok
[W4RL0RD] n1ck1: No problem.
[n1ck1] ok
[Anon_Blackcat01] it is completely optional
[l0t3D_] okay
[Arkhangel] why?
[Moods] lets move on
[Anon_Blackcat01] http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/building-your-own-pentesting-environment/
[Chanlog] Title: Building Your Own Pentesting Environment (at resources.infosecinstitute.com)
[n1ck1] do nono matter what, as long as it continues
[Anon_Blackcat01] link above is for the excercise
[Anon_Blackcat01] again you can chose to do it later and just read it now
[Moods] yeye
[Moods] never heard of this website
[Moods] dope
[Anon_Blackcat01] they pretty good
[Mink] * please note the difference between snapshot and clone
[Anon_Blackcat01] yeah thx Mink
[Aspire] where
[Aspire] ?
[Anon_Blackcat01] does anybody have all three requirements and is able to proceed
[Arkhangel] I can use vbox instead of vmware?
[Mink] Aspire, in the Virtual Environment paragraph
[Moods] im gonna do it later, im just reading and watching now
[Arkhangel] Anon_Blackcat01 just a question: the two clones of Kali that we made yesterday, we can delete them?
[Moods] lel
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok Moods i imagined that would be the case
[Moods] does any body have the logs of yesterdays lesson
[n1ck1] I’m reading, but U can go on
[Go5u1337] Moods, http://264nglqbtqlabsxl.onion/cgan-course-1-welcome-to-pentesting/
[Moods] ty
[Moods] so that means this will be logged 2
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok so guys this excercise is the last chapter in tonights lesson
[Moods] hi who ever is reading this from the logs
[Moods] lmao
[Moods] so the lesson is done?
[Anon_Blackcat01] if you are done reading and have no questions
[Anon_Blackcat01] then yes we are pretty much done
[Arkhangel] Anon_Blackcat01 just a stupid question
[Anon_Blackcat01] i told you it would be under an hour
[Arkhangel] https://dev.windows.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/windows/
[Chanlog] Title: Free Virtual Machines from IE8 to MS Edge – Microsoft Edge Development (at developer.microsoft.com)
[Moods] oh okay thank you Anon_Blackcat01 for the support see ya
[Arkhangel] from this link how can I download the iso?
[Arkhangel] I read only IEx
[Anon_Blackcat01] Arkhangel: wrong link
[Arkhangel] ok ty
[W4RL0RD] Gotta run.
[W4RL0RD] Bye all.
[l0t3D_] okay what did i miss
[Anon_Blackcat01] Arkhangel: https://pcriver.com/category/operating-systems
[Chanlog] Title: Operating Systems (at pcriver.com)
[Arkhangel] Anon_Blackcat01 that XP ISO correspond to the last update of XP?
[n1ck1] TKS for the lessons Anon_Blackat01 and support Mink RedAcor ….. W4RL0RD is gone …rsrs
[l0t3D_] and thats what happens when you eat up all your ram trying to run 4 os’s at once
[Mink] LOL
[l0t3D_] did i miss anything?
[Anon_Blackcat01] Arkhangel: you can try the win 7 iso as well i think
[Arkhangel] l0t3D_ just read the second link. If you want, you can already exercise or later
[Mink] l0t3D_, basically: a pentest lab is 2 VMs, one “attacker” (like kali) and one “defender (like Windows or DVWA
[Arkhangel] k Anon_Blackcat01
[Arkhangel] Anon_Blackcat01 I guess the two Kali clones of yesterday, we are not gonna to use… so can I delete them?
[Arkhangel] or they need for later lessons?
[Anon_Blackcat01] yup
[l0t3D_] okay thanks Arkhangel, Mink
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok guys i am gonna say lets wrap things up
[Anon_Blackcat01] and you can continue in your own time
[l0t3D_] where did Moods go?
[Anon_Blackcat01] thank you to my teachers pets for their time
[l0t3D_] thanks
[Mink] pleasure
[Anon_Blackcat01] and thank you to you the students
[Anon_Blackcat01] for attending

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