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CgAn Course 1: Welcome to Pentesting

| November 1st, 2017 by Doemela | Comments Off on CgAn Course 1: Welcome to Pentesting

See https://archive.cyberguerrilla.org/a/2017/cgan-teach-the-world-about-hacking-hacktivism/
Course Lesson material:

[Anon_Blackcat01] Welcome one and all to: Welcome to pentesting
[Anon_Blackcat01] you will find learning material in topic
[Anon_Blackcat01] the idea is that we go through this together
[Anon_Blackcat01] and if you have any queries at any stage
[Anon_Blackcat01] fire them at the teachers pets, they love questions
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok so far
[n1ck1] ok
[ThepoH] okay
[Anon_Blackcat01] great then lets begin
[Anon_Blackcat01] everyone click on second link in pad
[RedAcor] https://pad.riseup.net/p/eg3Uj6NA4LAg
[Chanlog] Title: Riseup Pad (at pad.riseup.net)
[Anon_Blackcat01] let me know when you are there
[Aeolus] !
[Arkhangel] i am
are having issues
[ThepoH] i’m too
[deathofdeath] im here
[l0t3D_] im there
[m00trix] k3k, *slap* pay one apple at the pet table
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok great so before we dive in
[Anon_Blackcat01] i have a question for you
[k3k] yeh on cybrary :/
[Anon_Blackcat01] no
[Anon_Blackcat01] softwaretesting.com
[k3k] k
[Aeolus] http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/penetration-testing-guide/
[Chanlog] Title: Penetration Testing – Complete Guide with Penetration Testing Sample Test Cases — Software Testing Help (at www.softwaretestinghelp.com)
[n1ck1] i am too
[Anon_Blackcat01] my question for you is this: who here considers themselves to be a hacker?
[Anon_Blackcat01] simple yes or no
[Aeolus] no
[ThepoH] No
[Arkhangel] no
[l0t3D_] no
[deathofdeath] no
[Aeolus] i am a life hacker though
[m00trix] like with kitchen tools? 😮
[l0t3D_] hahahahha
[Aeolus] different staff
[Anon_Blackcat01] see if you consider what pen testing is
[k3k] using other peoples scripts :s
[Anon_Blackcat01] then by right you should all be saying yes
[Aspire] can you read me now?
[Arkhangel] y
[n1ck1] who needs to gain knowledge, often driven by curiosity.
[n1ck1] An expert / professional who has a really solid knowledge about a computer science
[Aspire] ok
[Aspire] i said yes
[Aspire] but i was banned
[Go5u1337] I say no
[Anon_Blackcat01] the very nature of pen testing is the desire to break something
[m00trix] In the eyes of the law, installing + using pentest OS + on “real” domains/targets in witch you are not the owner of = hacking
[Anon_Blackcat01] yes thx m00trix
[Arkhangel] that + is a logic OR or logic AND xd_
[Arkhangel] ?
[k3k] if we add numbers to a url is that hacking 😛 ?
[Anon_Blackcat01] http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/penetration-testing-guide/
[Chanlog] Title: Penetration Testing – Complete Guide with Penetration Testing Sample Test Cases — Software Testing Help (at www.softwaretestinghelp.com)
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok so idea is to read through this together
[Anon_Blackcat01] again any queries, teachers pets are there
[Mink] sure
[n1ck1] ok, I started reading
[Arkhangel] this website is yours?
[Arkhangel] softwaretestinghelp I mean
[Aeolus] i read this 5 days ago
[Anon_Blackcat01] Arkhangel: no
[Anon_Blackcat01] but we thank them for the info
[l0t3D_] “The more features a system has, the more chances of the system being attacked.” how so?
[Arkhangel] a question
[Arkhangel] why the pentester is called ethical?
[Mink] l0t3D_, more features, more points-of-failure
[k3k] Remote dial-up war dial are these bad boys 56k?
[Aeolus] its ethical if you do it to prevent it in the future for good purpose
[Aeolus] not if you intend to fuck it
[l0t3D_] thanks Mink
[Arkhangel] oh ok ty
[l0t3D_] what are buffer overflows
[Anon_Blackcat01] just for information the list of pen test tools is by no means complete
[Mink] buffer overflow in a program, pushes data to “crash “the program
[Mink] make it do something that’s not supposed to do
[Anon_Blackcat01] there is a endless supply of free tools available for pen testing
[l0t3D_] okay ty Mink
[l0t3D_] isn’t that what an SQL injection does too?
[deathofdeath] no
[Arkhangel] guys I have a question about the buffer overflow
[Aeolus] SQLi pushes queries to the DB
[Mink] kind of, but a buffer overflow works on a specific program or application, offline or online
[Arkhangel] tell me if I wrong: an application when runs, needs of some memory to be allocated and this memory is allocated from the stack memory of the system. This allocated memory is the buffer?
[Mink] in few wordfs, yes
[Arkhangel] ty
[l0t3D_] okay ty
[Arkhangel] so buffer overflow is when this buffer is full and the attacker continues to fill it
[Mink] yes, but with date to specifically send intructions
[Mink] *data
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok i am going to let you guys finish up reading that
[n1ck1] I did not know just the w3af tool
[Anon_Blackcat01] and then we will move on to something more fun
[ThepoH] haha reading speed +90%
[l0t3D_] question
[Aeolus] is it enough to learn how to use ready tools or we need to learn how to code our own
[Aeolus] success rates
[l0t3D_] if a white box pen test is a sim of an internal security attack and grey box is a sim of an ext. security attack
[l0t3D_] what sim is a black box pen test of? 😀
[m00trix] blackhack gives 0 fucks
[n1ck1] cain n abel it’s better that john the ripper?
[l0t3D_] what do u mean by that m00trix
[ThepoH] I’ve finish reading
[m00trix] or no, he might gives some fucks, but like only to chip in to save like the world
[RedAcor] oclhashcat is more specific than john the ripper.
[Anon_Blackcat01] https://www.cybrary.it/0p3n/tutorial-for-setting-up-a-virtual-penetration-testing-lab-at-your-home/
[Chanlog] Title: Tutorial: Setting up a Virtual Pentesting Lab at Home – Cybrary (at www.cybrary.it)
[n1ck1] sim attack?
[n1ck1] SYN?
[RedAcor] Also hashcat has new version with new features.
[Anon_Blackcat01] next chapter in our lesson guys, see link
[n1ck1] tks RedAcor
[Serena] If ya need something to practice on that have it “all” frithc.net is a good place to begin.. even contains underage and the owner claims to be The anonymous manager 😉
[l0t3D_] okay ty m00trix
[m00trix] l0t3D_, what I mean is that a blackhat, should really not live by any rules. He should follow what he thinks is right and by that give 0 fucks about any gov made rules
[n1ck1] so they are better than the cain & abel?
[Arkhangel] im ready for next step
[Mink] Aeolus, many company will use “ready tools” to test their sites/programs, a custom program should ofcourse give much better results
[l0t3D_] thx m00trix
[Aeolus] thx Mink
[Anon_Blackcat01] let me know when you are all ready to move on to next chapter
[Serena] ready..
[Arkhangel] ready
[ThepoH] Ready too
[m00trix] Many so called white hackers (working for big corps) have a creepy way of making a tool a “custom tool” just by changing the command line string 😀
[k3k] why is that creepy?
[Mink] lol, yes, the “lazy” way
[m00trix] there are many really really good “tools” out there, that can be made to work in almost any way you want 🙂 Does not make them lesser good or more custom 🙂
[l0t3D_] im at the pen testing sample test cases
[l0t3D_] almost done
[m00trix] No inventing the spoon again, when you have a perfect spoon in you hand you can bend to fit your needs – that makes you retarded
[m00trix] quote me on that
[n1ck1] yes
[Mink] l0t3D_, you may want to start downloading kali iso if you don’t have it already, so you don’t stay behind
[l0t3D_] im running kali already Mink
[Mink] good, just ignore me then 😉
[m00trix] And we are venturing into hacking religion here, back to topic 🙂
[Aeolus] i have kali installed
[Aeolus] but why tutorial says we clone it?
[ThepoH] i’m installing it
[Aspire] i’ve done
[Mink] would be good to have a cloned or fresh VM, in case you need to drop it later
[Aeolus] i have snapshot
[m00trix] yea saves time
[m00trix] snapshot is fine
[Arkhangel] we must already follow the guide?
[ThepoH] What is snapshot
[m00trix] The basic idea of a snapshot is that you setup your virtual machine exactly how you want it, take a snapshot, and then you can make any changes you want. You could even install something awful, because it doesn’t matter – all you have to do is roll back the snapshot, and your virtual machine will be exactly how it was before.
[ThepoH] Sound cool how did i get it ? Just dl it ?
[n1ck1] like a backup?
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok guys you ready to move on
[l0t3D_] it will take too long for me to setup vm now
[l0t3D_] so should i just use the bootable kali im using now?
[l0t3D_] i am
[m00trix] yea l0t3D_
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok if you can all go to this link:
[l0t3D_] okay
[Anon_Blackcat01] https://www.cybrary.it/0p3n/tutorial-for-setting-up-a-virtual-penetration-testing-lab-at-your-home/
[Arkhangel] guys I have a problem
[Chanlog] Title: Tutorial: Setting up a Virtual Pentesting Lab at Home – Cybrary (at www.cybrary.it)
[Arkhangel] Anon_Blackcat01 im following that link but at Step 2 I dont have the tab Host-only Networks
[m00trix] l0t3D_, your good to go if you are on a bootable kali 🙂
[m00trix] you need to create it
[m00trix] + symbol
[Anon_Blackcat01] if you already have kali and virtualbox VM
[Anon_Blackcat01] you may want to try follow excercise
[Arkhangel] guys in term of own security, what is the difference among using NAT or VB adapter?
[n1ck1] The only problem is during the boot with the “virtualbox host-only ethernet adapter”
[Arkhangel] i dont have it 🙁
[m00trix] you can add it Arkhangel
[m00trix] use the +
[Arkhangel] how?
[Arkhangel] ok
[m00trix] https://www.cybrary.it/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/2dm7ceq.png
[n1ck1] but NAT n BRIDGE is ok
[Arkhangel] if i click +
[m00trix] those to will in more and less way expose your VM to your LAN network
[Arkhangel] appears NATNetwork
[m00trix] bro
[m00trix] the top tab
[m00trix] you have 2 tabs?
[n1ck1] after adding it as on the page and clicking OK it displays error
[Arkhangel] no, that is the problem
[n1ck1] yes
[m00trix] NAT Networks and Host only
[n1ck1] nat is ok, host have a problem
[Arkhangel] I have only one tab
[Arkhangel] the Nat tab
[m00trix] you on Windows?
[n1ck1] I have both but only nat works
[Arkhangel] y
[n1ck1] no, ubunto
[Aspire] Arkhangel,
[m00trix] then you need to run virtualbox as administrator, and you might need to reboot after install
[m00trix] even though it does not mention it
[Arkhangel] me?
[Aspire] Arkhangel, go on “reti solo host”
[m00trix] yes
[Aeolus] i have kali light
[Aeolus] is that bad? 😛
[n1ck1] if I enable the DHCP server it will not let me finish the configuration if I do not enable DHCP it config
[m00trix] A windows thing – If you install virtualbox, you might need to reboot and might need to run it as administrator
[m00trix] to get the network working
[m00trix] all this should not be crucial to just run a VM
[m00trix] skip it
[Mink] ah Aeolus , kali light is missing lots of tools
[k3k] do u need extention pack vbox guest editions ?
[Aeolus] i installed some
[m00trix] an do the network stuff when creating the VM later in the guide on the site
[m00trix] yes k3k
[m00trix] and ofc install the extension pack
[Aeolus] Mink what tools we may need today
[n1ck1] I have the machines only in the normal user, I will start a live machine now with root
[Arkhangel] m00trix so I run as admin VB?
[m00trix] In virtualbox, settings, let it download and install the extensions
[k3k] ]inb4 pw is toor 😀
[m00trix] Arkhangel, right click shortcut, run as admin
[Mink] Aeolus, not sure, but you should be able to install them when requiered
[m00trix] and then go to settings in virtualbox and extensions
[l0t3D_] is there any way i can access this channel log later?
[l0t3D_] like after we close the chan
[n1ck1] the root have the same problem with the DHCP, I need to copy the same IPs in the page?
[Mink] i think so l0t3D_
[Aeolus] i have most basic tools described in other course material
[m00trix] http://img.creativemark.co.uk/uploads/images/638/12638/largeImg.png
[Aeolus] burp sparta veil metasploit is installed for example
[m00trix] extensions
[Mink] you should be fine Aeolus
[l0t3D_] how Mink?
[Mink] i think Anon_Blackcat01 has a bot logging, he will let us know
[Arkhangel] m00trix i dont have extensions there, I m supposing to download them
[l0t3D_] okay thx
[m00trix] Arkhangel, it should ask to download them
[m00trix] but yeas
[m00trix] Arkhangel, http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/5.2.0/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-5.2.0-118431.vbox-extpack
[m00trix] download that, hit the + sign under extensions and point it to the file
[Aeolus] is it bad that i use vpn and NAT?
[n1ck1] VBoxExtPackRegister returned VERR_VERSION_MISMATCH, pReg=0000000000000000 ErrInfo=’VirtualBox version mismatch – expected 5.2 got 5.1′.
[n1ck1] Código de Resultado:
[n1ck1] NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
[n1ck1] Componente:
[n1ck1] ExtPackManagerWrap
[n1ck1] Interface:
[n1ck1] IExtPackManager {edba9d10-45d8-b440-1712-46ac0c9bc4c5}
[m00trix] so
[Mink] Aeolus, NAT will bypass your VPN
[Aeolus] proper version
[m00trix] old virtualbox version
[m00trix] update it
[m00trix] Settings ] update
[Aeolus] Mink then why it has inet ip 10.x.x.x
[n1ck1] I follow up if it depends on me. You can follow the lesson.
[l0t3D_] Mink how do you choose to use NAT or not
[m00trix] l0t3D_, when you setup the VM
[m00trix] you select what network it will have access to
[Mink] you should use bridged or host-only
[l0t3D_] oh okay
[l0t3D_] ty
[Aeolus] i think i will switch to bridged
[Arkhangel] m00trix the installation of extensions dont solve the problem of tab
[Mink] yes, the NAT option will make the VM act like it was on a totally different computer, bypassing the vpn
[m00trix] reboot then if in Windows
[Arkhangel] I need to exit from here,, then I can re enter?
[m00trix] yes
[Arkhangel] ty brb
[l0t3D_] any free VPN software you would recomment
[l0t3D_] d
[Anon_Blackcat01] anybody managing to follow the lil excercise correctly with no issues
[m00trix] no l0t3D_ 😀
[Aeolus] lol no free vpn
[Aeolus] free vpn=you pay with your data
[l0t3D_] paid then? 🙂
[ThepoH] zzzzz the Kali installation is long as hell
[n1ck1] problem with host only but I can continue
[n1ck1] I use live
VPN service some weeks ago where the dude also paid, even though there were “no logs”
[l0t3D_] i’m doing the “apt-get dist-upgrade” part now Anon_Blackcat01
[Serena] I think https://black.riseup.net/ will be one of the only free that is acceptable?
[Chanlog] Title: riseup.net (at black.riseup.net)
[m00trix] no was paid 😀
[Aeolus] m00trix you just cant know
[Aeolus] i guess
[m00trix] PureVPN
[m00trix] yea and always have that in the back of your mind 🙂
[m00trix] but don’t let it slow you down 🙂
[l0t3D_] what do i do know that i have kali set up
[m00trix] Like, I could get caught while roaming Ikea with my laptop, acting as a wifi Ikea honeypot 😀
[m00trix] still fun 😀
[n1ck1] I need connect to a VPN?
[Aeolus] hehehe
[m00trix] Like, go to Ikea, have that wifi honeypot ready. Sit in a good sofa and just chill
[m00trix] place is full of people wanting wifi 😀
[k3k] pineapple 😮
[m00trix] just a small tip, for hunting with a wifi honeypot 😀 IKEA!
[m00trix] and great meatballs
[n1ck1] and the lesson?
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok guys anybody still having issues
[Aeolus] is that you just fuck up everyone inside
[Aeolus] and see the panic
[Aeolus] 😀
[m00trix] n1ck1, I think we need to get everyone on point
[m00trix] Aeolus, noooo it’s to grab logins and have fun 🙂
[Aeolus] you could also sit in your car outside
[l0t3D_] pure fun m00trix 😀
[Aeolus] with a wifi antenna
[m00trix] Aeolus, nahhh, you will get way better results in the IKEA diner 🙂
[TDOD] i just finished downloading the kali linux iso 😀
[m00trix] trust me 😛
[Aeolus] i guess its tested
[Aeolus] 😛
[m00trix] Never forget, “FUN” – aka the “lulz”
[Aeolus] m00trix you can get creds from mobile apps?
[l0t3D_] so while the others get there kali set up can i ask a question not realated to that part of the lesson?
[m00trix] Aeolus, well depends. Like most will tell you that it’s all “https” today, just as most will tell you that sqli’s are old school 😀
[Aeolus] i get the point
[m00trix] you can get loads of logins, to anything from corp logins to NAS’s
[Mink] l0t3D_, the answer is : no, sorry, I have a boyfriend already
[l0t3D_] lol 😀 Mink
[l0t3D_] how can i access a VPN if my ISP blocks the connection
[Aeolus] wtf
[l0t3D_] it worked when i used another VPN to connect to the first VPN 🙂
[Mink] good question, but never heard of an ISP blocking a vpn, unless in china or north korea
[l0t3D_] well mine even blocks connection to the tor network
[l0t3D_] i have to use bridges
[RedAcor] Arkhangel 😛
[Anon_Blackcat01] 10 more minutes then we will start wrapping things up
[Mink] strange l0t3D_ , blocking TOR i heard and quite easy for a ISP, but VPN.. never
[Anon_Blackcat01] with a question time at the end
[Arkhangel] RedAcor xD
[ThepoH] Arrrgh still triying to install kali :’)
[m00trix] please ok dudes
[m00trix] if the network shit is fucking (And I have never seen that before) then move on an create the VM
[Arkhangel] m00trix when I follow the guide, at 2nd step I cannot continue because the second tab is not on me xD
[m00trix] during the add vm guide inside virtualbox
[m00trix] it will assist you with the network
[m00trix] ok Arkhangel then select the NAT network
[Arkhangel] ok
[m00trix] and we will just disable all the port forwards
[m00trix] never had virtualbox not work 😮
[Arkhangel] a questio: what is the difference between using NAT or host adapter?
[m00trix] host only allows the VM to “talk” to it self or other defined local VM’s
[m00trix] no router LAN or WAN accesss
[Arkhangel] so I cannot access on internet?
[m00trix] the Kali VM cannot
[Arkhangel] ok
[Arkhangel] while with NAT I can
[m00trix] you can do the same with the NAT adapter, to a degree.
[ThepoH] Live version of Kali will be good or we need to install it ?
[m00trix] With the NAT option you can control what traffic you VM
[Aspire] i use live
[Aeolus] m00trix
[m00trix] Need to make 2ltr’s of coffee! brb
[m00trix] yea
[Aeolus] bridged or host-only?
[m00trix] live is fine
[n1ck1] ok, I clone the VM and starting kali
[n1ck1] NAT
[m00trix] guide says host
[Aeolus] ok
[n1ck1] but the DHCP dosen’t works
[Aspire] why?
[n1ck1] i think it is the IP configuration
[Mink] no DHCP on host only
[m00trix] ok ok
[m00trix] add a new VM okay
[m00trix] and if your network is FUBAR
[m00trix] then just select NO network
[m00trix] remove the adapters
[n1ck1] what is FUBAR
[n1ck1] ok I will remove them
[m00trix] fucked up beyond all/any recognition, repair, reason or redemption
[Mink] ].[
[m00trix] I have never seen VB not work lol 😮
[m00trix] amazing
[Serena] ../memoserv send m00trix Create a vm for pentesting class to download..
[Serena] 😉
[m00trix] yea I’m on it
[n1ck1] rsrsrsrs we can not continue without the host-only configuration?
[m00trix] pushing 10 to Azure atm in fact
[m00trix] lesson learned 🙂
[Aeolus] it will take my internet speed 2 hours to download kali vm 😛
[m00trix] wut you not have 500mbit fiber? :/
[Aeolus] i will take that as a joke
[Serena] What you do not have 1gbs fiber m00? 😀
[m00trix] was 😛
[Aeolus] if you see my internet
[Aeolus] you will cry
[Aspire] lol
[l0t3D_] same here Aeolus
[Aeolus] we will have fiber in 2-3 years
[m00trix] Aspire, I pull 170Mbit from my phone using 4G+ when outside here 😀 not that I go outside lol
[l0t3D_] barely running on 12mbits here
[Aeolus] in my area
[n1ck1] 2 hours???????????? You guys had to get ready for class hours before.
[Aeolus] oh spare me
[Aeolus] i have the VM dude
[Aeolus] i say it will take 2 hours if i download new one
[m00trix] wait what?
[n1ck1] ok rsrsrs
[m00trix] Aeolus, what VM do you have?
[m00trix] like the
[Aeolus] Kali light 32-bit
[m00trix] Thank god Azure has Kali as a instant VM – We will have that ready next time. I did not count in the download times on this
[m00trix] Anon_Blackcat01, – how do we move on?
[m00trix] ok ok
[Arkhangel] im running both of machines
[m00trix] how many are ready?
[Arkhangel] I must test if they ping each other
[m00trix] with the vm running – or with a booted live kali
[l0t3D_] i am
[Anon_Blackcat01] we dont
[Anon_Blackcat01] this lil excercise is the last chapter
[TDOD] 2 min before it finish cloning
[Aeolus] guys you confused me
[Aeolus] clone or snapshot?
[TDOD] clone
[Mink] just to be clear, you should aim to have two VMs that will talk to each other
[n1ck1] make a VM set and clone
[Anon_Blackcat01] tomorrow nights lesson is on using different linux os as a pentest environment
[Anon_Blackcat01] and we cover a host of different os, so be sure to be here for that
[Aeolus] any requirements for tomorrow class Anon_Blackcat01?
[Anon_Blackcat01] no the link has links to download the various os in it
[Serena] 2 VMs..
[n1ck1] hour?
* Serena needs to order more RAM 😉
[n1ck1] 7BST?
[Anon_Blackcat01] going to allow a few more minutes for last minute questions
[k3k] so this was how 2 install kali :/
[Anon_Blackcat01] n1ck1: lesson 2 will be same time as tonight
[n1ck1] Anon_Blackcat01: tks
[Aeolus] we covered some nice questions today
[n1ck1] the two machines have the same IP
[Anon_Blackcat01] no k3k tonight was setting up a pen testing environment
[l0t3D_] okay thanks all
[Anon_Blackcat01] or VM environment
[Go5u1337] somebody previously said that Kali isn’t a good option, and recommended Arch, why’s that?
[Go5u1337] sorry if the question is off topic
[Aeolus] Serena i need more RAM too
[n1ck1] I’ll read all the links and solve this problem in virtualbox for tomorrow, thank you guys
[k3k] why use vbox and not pirate a copy of vmware 😛 ?
[Mink] btw the link for Win Server 2012 evaluation is : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-windows-server-2012-r2
[Chanlog] Title: Try Windows Server 2012 R2 | Microsoft Evaluation Center (at www.microsoft.com)
[k3k] i got a 2k12 vm
[Anon_Blackcat01] k3k: because vmware is shit
[Serena] Announcement: #news is up and running again.. Feeds suggestions welcomed 😉
[Mink] cool Serena
[Serena] Just tell r00ted to stay the fuck away from my bot this time 😛
[Aeolus] Mink if win server is updated is bad?
[Mink] Aeolus, as we are learning, we may not find old vulnerabilities to exploit and test
[Anon_Blackcat01] ok folks
[Aeolus] thanks guys
[Aeolus] see you tomorrow i guess?
[Anon_Blackcat01] firstly a big thank you to our teachers pets for their time
[n1ck1] 32 or 64?
[Anon_Blackcat01] and secondly a big thank you to you our students
[Aeolus] 😉
[ThepoH] Thanks all !
[ThepoH] See you tommorow !
[Aspire] thank to you Anon_Blackcat01
[n1ck1] tks for the lessons
[Mink] good, that was fun
[Anon_Blackcat01] you are all free to leave this chan as you wish
[l0t3D_] thanks all
[Aeolus] see you tomorrow ppl
[Anon_Blackcat01] thank you for attending
[Aspire] but the final question Anon_Blackcat01 ?
[Anon_Blackcat01] yes Aspire
[Aspire] oh ok
[Aspire] nothing

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