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CgAn Lessons #2 Course #3 – I2P

| December 11th, 2017 by Doemela | Comments Off on CgAn Lessons #2 Course #3 – I2P

See https://archive.cyberguerrilla.org/a/2017/cgan-teach-the-world-about-hacking-hacktivism-2/

Tutorials I2P:

[thomas] hi all
[thomas] this is about installing i2p and using it.
[swimm3r] hi Thomas
[RedAcor] πŸ™‚
[thomas] I will try too to teach how to use some services, like connecting i2p IRC and bote mail, bote mail is awesome!
[sanitiz3] bote mail is great
[sanitiz3] I2P has some bad ass projects
[RedAcor] Lesson time, spyglass RedAcor cucurucu W4RL0RD gogoirc2 k3k Ka-52 l33tbanes` amnesic Meo burglar swimm3r sanitiz3 Anon_Blackcat01
[l33tbanes`] yo
[thomas] do you prefer I talk and you then ask? or you prefer just to ask?
[sanitiz3] I’m following the Kovri project now as well
[thomas] I made a resume…
[thesau] this^
[thomas] kovri and i2pd are c++
[sanitiz3] yep
[thomas] i2p-router is java
[RedAcor] thomas You can talk, if they need to ask, they can ask.
[burglar] yes
[thomas] ok
[thomas] good
[thomas] 1.
[thomas] secure hardware and software???
[thomas] it makes not sense to install i2p in a insecure environment…
[thomas] so be sure your hardware is not backdoored and you use trustable software too
[thomas] I know this is the hardest part right now…
[thomas] so I will assume you all have secure environments to install i2p
[thomas] it would not make sense to install i2p in windows , for example, but itt can be done easily
[thomas] 2. let’s install it?
[burglar] yes
[thomas] I just tried a few hours ago in kubuntu 16.04, it was less than 5 minutes
[thomas] do you all use *unix based?
[thomas] debian based OS?
[burglar] yes
[cucurucu] yes
[sanitiz3] yes
[thomas] I go with ubuntu based? or prefer other distros?
[thomas] ok
[swimm3r] nope, I am in windows
[thomas] then
*** Chaos sets mode: +o Mink
[thomas] ok swimm3r
[thomas] is more or less the same
[thomas] except in windows you will have to install JAVA oracle or open JDK before
[swimm3r] yesterday I did try it on ubuntu
[thomas] in debian and ubuntu, using apt, you get all dependencies installed
[thomas] https://geti2p.net/en/
[Chanlog] Title: I2P Anonymous Network (at geti2p.net)
[thomas] just go there
[thomas] press GET I2P
[thomas] use tor, if you prefer, of course
[thomas] torbrowser is ok or just clearnet..
[thomas] to do it in ubuntu and debian is really easy, just to be sure to have the system upgraded
[thomas] so
[thomas] sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
[thomas] after that, for ubuntu just :
[thomas] sudo apt-add-repository ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p
[thomas] sudo apt-get update
[thomas] sudo apt-get install i2p
[thomas] say yes
[thomas] ready! it will download all dependencies, jaba, crypto libraries, etc and will install i2p-router
[thomas] for debian, is similar:
[thomas] just edit /create /etc/apt/sources.list.d/i2p.list
[thomas] sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list.d/i2p.list
[thomas] and add the sourdes depending of your debian version
[thomas] https://geti2p.net/en/download/debian
[Chanlog] Title: Debian/Ubuntu – I2P (at geti2p.net)
[thomas] then just run :
[thomas] as toot
[thomas] apt-key add i2p-debian-repo.key.asc
[thomas] apt-get update
[thomas] apt-get install i2p i2p-keyring
[thomas] Note: If the https address does not work, either:
[thomas] sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https
[thomas] Change the repository address to http://deb.i2p2.no/
[Chanlog] Title: Debian I2P Packages (at deb.i2p2.no)
[thomas] let’s wait for those who are doing it…
[thomas] when you have it installed just say it!
[thomas] for windows swimm3r:
[thomas] https://geti2p.net/en/download/0.9.32/clearnet/https/download.i2p2.de/i2pinstall_0.9.32_windows.exe/download just download the exe and run it after installing java
[Chanlog] Title: Downloading… – I2P (at geti2p.net)
[thomas] all clear? I go too fast?
[swimm3r] done
[swimm3r] for me is all clear
[thomas] one difference
[Mink] yep, installed on this machine so i can follow :]
[thomas] in this way of installing, in debian and ubuntu i2p will run as system service, and in windows as user service
[thomas] it can be installed in debian based distros as user service too, just download the jar file for linux and run
[thomas] java -jar i2pxxxx.jar
[thomas] other NOTE:
[thomas] in some systems, like redhat, some crypto libraries are not available because USA crypto laws… so you must install them ‘by hand’ , downloading some file with java classes and inserting it in i2p folder…
[thomas] just to note so you know if sometimes it happens to you
[thomas] 3. Configuring i2p
[thomas] this is usually the hardest part for users.
[thomas] 3.1 bandwidth
[thomas] 3.2 ports
[thomas] I imagine i2p-router is running now, if not
[thomas] sudo service i2p start
[thomas] or
[thomas] as root
[thomas] service i2p start
[thomas] to know if it running just run top
[thomas] and you will see java process there eating your CPU.. lol
[thomas] now
[swimm3r] πŸ™‚
[thomas] open a browser and go to
[l33tbanes`] may i interrupt?
[thomas] sure l33tbanes`
[thomas] ask
[l33tbanes`] i suggest using a separate browser for i2p, like a firefox portable or something
[thomas] yes, but this is not for i2p browsing
[l33tbanes`] i know, but u can use it for the control panel too :3
[thomas] is for i2p router config
[thomas] some users use the same browser for boths
[thomas] but I don’t, I have a browser for localhost services, like i2p, freenet, etc, and other for i2p browsing
[thomas] but is ok
[thomas] and I wanted to configure the browser after this steps..
[thomas] so right now, it is not important the browser, go to
[Chanlog] Title: I2P Router Console – home (at
[l33tbanes`] ;D
[thomas] yes l33tbanes
[thomas] most users do that
[thomas] now you are in the router console web UI
[thomas] many options
[thomas] let’s configure bandwidth
[thomas] go to
[Chanlog] Title: I2P Router Console – configure bandwidth (at
[thomas] and I recommend setting real speed of your network and choose then how much to share
[thomas] 60%?
[thomas] 40%
[thomas] 90%?
[thomas] you choose
[swimm3r] 80%
[thomas] the most, the best for i2p network and your router
[thomas] remember, sharing is caring… πŸ™‚
[thomas] nice swimm3r
[thomas] I have one router with 100% and other with 40% only because I use that network for other stuff too
[thomas] all ok?
[thomas] the
[thomas] let’s open ports
[thomas] i2p can work without ports open
[thomas] but it is more work for your router and you get less speed
[thomas] but in case of iving in a place where using i2p can be illegal or persecuted, use hidden mode
[thomas] go to
[Chanlog] Title: I2P Router Console – config networking (at
[thomas] and read carefully
[thomas] choose your options
[thomas] I have it… :
[thomas] like
[thomas] upnp disabled, but this is my way, if you use upnp it can help to open ports automatically
[thomas] you can choose too to use ipv6 or not, same as upnp, it depends on your network setup
[thomas] udp port!
[thomas] so I will tell a fake one
[thomas] 9000 for UDP
[thomas] TCP configuration, Use auto-detected IP address
[thomas] except if you have , again, some fancy network setup..
[thomas] TCP port, you can use the same as UDP or other, let’s say 9001
[thomas] now! open or forward those ports in your network..
[thomas] restart i2p from the right side of the web console, and wait 5 min..
[thomas] enter the ruter console again and at the top left it would say
[thomas] Network: OK
[thomas] let’s make a break of 5 min…
[thomas] until you all get network OK?
[RedAcor] Ok.
[l33tbanes`] (if you don’t know what you’re doing just leave everything as it is)
[thomas] sure l33tbanes`
[thomas] ty
[swimm3r] back
[thomas] back
[RedAcor] Welcome back
[RedAcor] πŸ™‚
[thomas] so…
[thomas] you all have NETWORK OK?
[swimm3r] yes
[Mink] yes
[thomas] that is nice…
[Meo] yes
[thomas] i2p needs time to integrate in the network
[thomas] the first time like 30 minutes
[thomas] later is faster 10-15 minutes
[l33tbanes`] mine says network: hidden :]
[thomas] but you choosed hidden mode l33tbanes`?
[l33tbanes`] yea someone should’ve ordered a pizza while we’re waiting..
[RedAcor] [thomas] i2p needs time to integrate in the network | It made me cancer at first time. πŸ™‚
[l33tbanes`] indeed i did
[l33tbanes`] not just u RedAcor lol
[thomas] your IP will not be shown in the stats or to others routers…, but all is slower
[thomas] yes RedAcor
[thomas] hahah
[thomas] p2p is like that
[l33tbanes`] i can live with that, thomas
[RedAcor] Yeah. πŸ™‚
[thomas] ok
[thomas] let’s configure the browser and visit some eepsites
[thomas] eepsite is how web sites are called in i2p
[thomas] do not ask me why!
[thomas] hahaha
[thomas] amnesic maybe knows?
[thomas] ok, I recommend mozilla based browsers
[thomas] deactivate all plugins, extensions, java, javascript…
[thomas] many users use tor browser just removing proxy extension and configuring the proxy for i2p
[thomas] is a fast and easy solution
[thomas] you can use rekonk browser, dooble, seamonkey, palemoon… etc
[thomas] there are some manuals around there how to secure your browser, check for DNS leaks too!
[thomas] ok, go to firefox
[thomas] preferences
[thomas] advanzed
[thomas] network
[thomas] settings
[thomas] manual proxy configuration
[thomas] http port 4444
[thomas] https port 4445
[thomas] ftp port 4444 (to be sure nothing gous out the proxy)
[thomas] no proxy for localhost,
[thomas] some would ask what those 4444 and 4445 ports are and what there is there
[thomas] those are 2 preconfigured tunnels created to surf i2p eepsites
[thomas] you can see them in
[Chanlog] Title: I2P Router Console – Hidden Services Manager (at
[thomas] there you can see, edit, configure, create tunnels
[thomas] SERVER and CLIENT
[thomas] do you prefer I explain tunnels now or later?
[swimm3r] later
[thomas] ok
[thomas] now the broser is ‘secure’ and ready
[thomas] try to load some site
[thomas] http://echelon.i2p
[thomas] it will load for sure
[thomas] if not, retry until of loads
[thomas] now try to load http://lawiki2p.i2p
[Meo] k
[thomas] for most of you it will not load, because DNS do not work in i2p, i2p has its own hostname system
[thomas] and all is controlled by your router in local
[thomas] so, if you want to go to any site using his hostname, your router must know already his b64 address
[thomas] for that, use JUMP SERVICES
[thomas] when a site is not in your addressbook, an error page will be displayed
[thomas] and at bottom you have jump services
[thomas] those are eepsites services to add the hostnames to the addressbook
[thomas] you can trust them or not
[thomas] you can always use b32 addresses to surf eepsites
[l33tbanes`] eepsite directory ]] http://identiguy.i2p/
[thomas] each servce in i2p has a unique base 64 address, very long, if you has it, you get the b32 address
[swimm3r] which address book is better to be used? router, master or private?
[thomas] so, your addressbook only needs to know which b64 address corresponds to a hostname
[thomas] you can add the addresses too ‘by hand’
[thomas] in the router console
[thomas] yes l33tbanes`
[thomas] inr.i2p too
[thomas] stats.i2p are good jump services too
[thomas] depends swimm3r
[thomas] private is when you have a service and you do not want to spread it, so only you uses that hostname, …
[l33tbanes`] iirc router address book updates automatically while master does not?
[thomas] master .. I never used it
[thomas] and router is like the public one, hostnames will be sahre around i2p and is where jumpservices will add the hostnames by default
[l33tbanes`] and those both are shared with other routers
[thomas] ty l33tbanes`
[thomas] I just use private and router
[Chanlog] Title: I2P Router Console – addressbook (at
[thomas] in that URL you have the addressbook
[l33tbanes`] and private is manually updated and NOT shared with anyone else
[thomas] it is included in i2p
[thomas] πŸ™‚
[thomas] once a hostname is added you get really interesting info about it
[thomas] for example
[thomas] Hostname lawiki2p.i2p
[thomas] Base 32 Address dkb5f63obsb6wmzcgilebjvmgvw4wmcgzbkczu3sntgckmtzweza.b32.i2p
[thomas] Base 64 Hash GoPS-24Mg-szIjIWQKasNW3LMEbIVCzTcmzMJTJ5sTI=
[thomas] Address Helper
[thomas] you can use the b32 address to surf a site too
[thomas] so , to enter lawiki2p.i2p you can use http://lawiki2p.i2p
[thomas] or http://dkb5f63obsb6wmzcgilebjvmgvw4wmcgzbkczu3sntgckmtzweza.b32.i2p
[thomas] b32 addresses do not need the addressbook to work!
[amnesic] sorry he’s eating something…
[amnesic] eepsite = end-to-end protocol + site
[thomas] everybody could use jump services to enter lawiki2p? or onelon.i2p or i2pwiki.i2p, seeker.i2p?
[thomas] ty amnesic
[thomas] I did not know it
[thomas] http://i2pwiki.i2p is a good point to start in i2p
[swimm3r] I couldn’t jump to onelon.i2p
[burglar] i have to go thanks for the lesson
[thomas] np burglar
[burglar] bye
[thomas] have fun
[thomas] let me check swimm3r
[swimm3r] Success … finally
[swimm3r] it took a looong time
[swimm3r] sorry
[thomas] http://onelon.i2p/signup is up
[thomas] nice swimm3r
[thomas] np, is usual
[thomas] i2p sometimes needs time to create the tunnels to reach some destination
[thomas] that is why is better always reload the site a few times
[thomas] it will display an error message if the site is down or unreachable
[thomas] ok, by default i2p has inside some services ready to work
[thomas] torrents with i2psnark
[thomas] mail service with susimail
[thomas] addressbook
[thomas] SAM
[thomas] BOB
[thomas] I2PRC
[thomas] Tunnels
[thomas] …
[thomas] IRC and a jetty web server ready to setup a website
[swimm3r] what are BOB and SAM?
[thomas] BOB and SAM are protocols to use the i2p network
[thomas] https://geti2p.net/en/docs/api/samv3
[Chanlog] Title: SAM V3 – I2P (at geti2p.net)
[thomas] https://geti2p.net/en/docs/api/bob
[Chanlog] Title: BOB – Basic Open Bridge – I2P (at geti2p.net)
[swimm3r] ty
[thomas] or better
[thomas] http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/docs/api/samv3
[thomas] http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/docs/api/bob
[thomas] that is the official eepsite of i2p
[thomas] same apps use bob or sam, but usually, us as users , we do not care about them
[thomas] we care about tunnels, where we manage most of our i2p services and i2p clients connections
[thomas] ok,
[thomas] we configure IRC in i2p?
[thomas] it is easy
[thomas] tunnels are already created by default
[thomas] you all have an irc client?
[swimm3r] I am using mIRC
[RedAcor] Yeah.
[l33tbanes`] best question on irc ever
[thomas] configure it to block DDC (irc tunnel does block DDC by default), change your nick names, and be sure it does not leak any information
[thomas] lol l33tbanes`
[thomas] true
[thomas] hahahha
[thomas] this step depends on the irc client
[Mink] many use browser l33tbanes` πŸ™‚
[thomas] en xchat to connect you need to connect to server
[thomas] in weechat you need to run some commands to connect to port 6668
[thomas] in konversation, press f2, add new server and connecto to
[thomas] one note! we are all time conenction to localhost
[thomas] i2p allows to configure stuff to conenct form LAN
[thomas] and with ssh you can forward any service listening in localhost to any place of the worls
[thomas] world
[thomas] so, you can have i2p in Turkey, with ssh, and connect from USA to via ssh tunnel
[thomas] but hat is more advanced..
[thomas] end of note
[thomas] lol
[thomas] that is*, sorry
[swimm3r] I have to go, ty for the lesson
[thomas] np swimm3r
[swimm3r] good bye
[thomas] I do bote that has some tricks and we finish
[thomas] if you all agree
[thomas] bye!
[thomas] all is clear?
[thomas] we go with bote awesomeness?
[Mink] very very clear thomas
[thomas] ok
[thomas] bote is a mail service only for i2p
[thomas] but is really secure
[thomas] other mail services, like mail.i2p can contact with clearnet, but not bote
[thomas] bote uses DHT to store mails and all mails are encrypted before jumping to i2p
[thomas] you can choose really strong cyphers for your bote addresses
[thomas] let’s all go to
[thomas] lol
[thomas] is bote.i2p down?
[thomas] can you reach http://bote.i2p/ ?
[Mink] nope
[l33tbanes`] works for me
[amnesic] is online
[Mink] πŸ™
[Mink] okokok
[thomas] yes amnesic, thanks
[thomas] reloading did it work
[sanitiz3] thomas: I have a FoxyProxy config that can be used in TorBrowser to automatically direct .onion to Tor and .i2p to I2P
[sanitiz3] would you like me to share that for users?
[thomas] good sanitiz3
[thomas] many users do that too
[thomas] sure sanitiz3
[sanitiz3] https://pastebin.com/j777Lhwe
[Chanlog] Title: [XML] FoxyProxy config for using TOR and I2P – Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)
[thomas] paste some paste URL or anything
[thomas] good
[thomas] in lawiki2p.i2p there are too some iptables script to do that via iptables systemwide..
[thomas] and more around too, theer are many security approach, many peoples users docker, or virtual machines..
[thomas] thre are paste service sin i2p sanitiz3
[thomas] wait
[thomas] http://dkkl3ab6iovxfqnp44wsjgqaabznvu7u3hugpzyagbeqlxgvx3la.b32.i2p/ pasta noJS, paste service without javascript
[RedAcor] I have to go. Thanks for lesson thomas. Btw Malware lesson will be tomorrow.
[thomas] http://pinkpaste.i2p/
[RedAcor] See you.
[thomas] ok RedAcor
[thomas] see you
[thomas] too late for you? we stop here?
[sanitiz3] hmmm nice
[thomas] you choose peple
[thomas] we go with bote?
[thomas] I have time for bote
[Doemela] yes go on
[sanitiz3] see you, RedAcor
[sanitiz3] thomas: I already use Bote
[thomas] ok, I go Doemela
[thomas] http://bote.i2p/ bote official site
[thomas] can you all reach it?
[thomas] go to http://bote.i2p/install/
[thomas] and copy this URL http://bote.i2p/i2pbote.su3
[thomas] ok, they explain it really well
[thomas] Go to the plugin install form in your routerconsole:
[Chanlog] Title: I2P Router Console – config clients (at
[thomas] Paste in the URL http://bote.i2p/i2pbote.su3
[thomas] Click Install Plugin.
[thomas] Once installed, click SecureMail in the routerconsole sidebar or homepage, or go to
[thomas] it takes time, it can take 30 or 40 minutes to download it
[thomas] if it fails to download via pluguin installer site
[thomas] use eepget
[thomas] eepget is an app for i2p that works like wget
[thomas] so , you can do
[thomas] eepget
[thomas] Go to the plugin install form in your routerconsole:
[Chanlog] Title: I2P Router Console – config clients (at
[thomas] Paste in the URL http://bote.i2p/i2pbote.su3
[thomas] Click Install Plugin.
[thomas] Once installed, click SecureMail in the routerconsole sidebar or homepage, or go to
[thomas] sorry!! lol
[thomas] you can do
[thomas] eepget http://bote.i2p/i2pbote.su3
[thomas] and it will download the file for you
[thomas] then go to and install from file
[Chanlog] Title: I2P Router Console – config clients (at
[thomas] because downloading bote can take some time..
[thomas] let’s continue
[thomas] once installed go to
[thomas] and there will be bote we UI ready
[thomas] ther is an awesome FAQ for bote…
[thomas] http://i2pwiki.i2p/index.php?title=I2P-Bote manual
[thomas] http://i2pwiki.i2p/index.php?title=FAQ_I2P-bote/es FAQ in spanish
[thomas] and I do not find the original English faq, sorry
[thomas] lol
[thomas] but once installed it is easy
[thomas] configure in settings
[thomas] create and identity or many identities
[thomas] and ready
[Mink] sweet
[thomas] you can write too without identity, so you will be anonymous! but nobody will be able to answer you!
[thomas] lol
[thomas] here is my address so you can test
[thomas] to get YOUR addresses go to identities and press in the identity you want
[thomas] J5uFR2rwPnZ2hAeSuuY3XPEyqzJpZJu9Fpi61HrHqFWrKjylRwhPqp6GXTEEggOZgTcnPrmA9Tbu9GiYPZmbyaV4RTh4qAKBVBtcPkf-jn5jyEIOR66uekY40q7UYHxBRO2s3eAG20nVId0erHUgUllh0Ym7A2IF6slUyYMloavWLA
[thomas] that is mine
[l33tbanes`] here’s mine:
[l33tbanes`] -oMHbezV8Flod1-ycTx-CxYcoi2~waf2J4p8vZcYYXRogX5aTn3qMEjkBpcO0uNBZUg4928N~kkH256SHlRDTL
[Mink] bloody hell, not easy to remember :]
[l33tbanes`] if you add them to your address book you won’t have to πŸ˜‰
[thomas] as l33tbanes` said
[thomas] πŸ™‚
[thomas] questions time!
[thomas] once in IRC you can ask too in #salt #i2p-chat #i2p channels
[Mink] i must admit , i used i2p before, but you cleared already many doubts i had
[thomas] I did not explain torrents, but you have torrent client already in i2p console
[thomas] good to hear that Mink, πŸ™‚
[sanitiz3] Azureus + I2P plugin is very useful for anonymous torrenting
[Mink] thanks alot thomas
* l33tbanes` hugs Mink
[thomas] you are welcome !
[sanitiz3] thomas: I’d love to learn a little more about torrenting on I2P – like which sites have torrents
[thomas] 1 second sanitiz3
[thomas] i2wiki has the links
[thomas] but most usuals are
[thomas] tracker2.postman.i2p
[thomas] rutor.i2p in russian
[thomas] diftacker.i2p
[thomas] but i2p supports DHT torrents too, without trackers..
[sanitiz3] thanks πŸ™‚
[thomas] np
[thomas] ok,. I must go to take the pets out, if there are not more questions
[amnesic] azureus consumes many resources of the machine, i2p already has an integrated bittorrent client i2psnark is very good..
[amnesic] or i2psnark-standalone
[thomas] I’m almost everyday in #alt in I2P irc, you can ask me anything
[thomas] or later
[Ka-52] there send you an i2p thomas boat
[Mink] enjoy your walk thomas , and don’t forget poo bags :]
[thomas] azureus is only good if you want to download form i2p and clearnet…
[Ka-52] there send you an i2p boat thomas
[thomas] sorry, I forgot, I;m trolly in i2pRC
[thomas] ok Ka-52
[thomas] hahaha
[thomas] poo bags are only for cities
[thomas] πŸ™‚
[thomas] later1
[thomas] !!
[sanitiz3] thank you for the lesson
[cucurucu] Thanks thomas great class.
[thomas] you are all welcome
[thomas] have fun with i2p!
[Anon_Blackcat01] good lesson thomas
[thomas] it is really powerful! read about tunnels and stuff
[thomas] you can tunnel it all!
[thomas] if you like forwarding, vpnish, sshing… i2p tunnels are powerful
[l33tbanes`] TUNNELS!
[Mink] i think i2p is very underestimated
[Mink] maybe becouse TOR is so easy to use/setup
[l33tbanes`] WHAT DO WE WANT?
[l33tbanes`] WE DON’T KNOW!
[l33tbanes`] HOW DO WE WANT IT?
[l33tbanes`] IN TUNNELS!
[sanitiz3] I like I2P a lot but look forward to Kovri because I think it will make it a lot leaner
[sanitiz3] Java just has so much overhead
[l33tbanes`] yeah that java thing is what’s holding me back from using it more
[amnesic] use i2pd
[amnesic] not java
[sanitiz3] I also use Monero, though
[sanitiz3] kovri is going in a good direction for Monero
[amnesic] yes

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