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Data Dumps..

| April 23rd, 2017 by r0gu3Sec | Comments Off on Data Dumps..

We accept classified, censored or otherwise restricted material of political, diplomatic, hacks, data dumps, Anonymous data leaks or ethical significance.

In an effort to more efficiently address transparency everywhere.

Data Dumps

hoechimeow@riseup.net PGP  fingerprint: D6DD 644A 9618 D0A8 0D17 6204 AC51 12B6 9F5B 0536 
hoechimeow@riseup.net XMPP fingerprint: 0C00B47D 53A85AF6 5B98CC59 6547359D CEDBD1F3 
hoechimeow@riseup.net XMPP fingerprint: 22DCDB8B B6424A36 0C7A1D98 0EE2205C 14491772

Data dumps

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