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Defaced gsec.fr.to OpSaveCatalonia

| October 20th, 2017 by Anonymous | 4 Comments

We stand with the families of Catalonia, there will be no end. #GSEC

From East to West, from South to North, throughout the world, to a greater or lesser extent, all states ignore the coup enforced by the Neo-Franco fascist state, conducting their “holy crusade” in the name of order and a return to tradition against self-government. The ruling powers of capitalist society, who hold the fate of nations in their hands monarchist and republican governments, secret diplomacy, the powerful business groups, the ruling parties, the capitalist press, the church–all of them bear the full weight of responsibility for this coup d’etat, which arose from the social organization that nourishes these institutions and is defended by them–a terror waged on behalf of their interests.

The people of Catalonia’s feeling of nationhood and their longing for self-government have undeniably deep historical roots, and have repeatedly been manifested throughout history. At the current time, Catalonia is part of Spain, which, for irrefutable historical, linguistic and cultural reasons is pluralization, although this fact is not acknowledged by its political structures. Catalonia’s desire to decide its own political future has become increasingly apparent to the whole world. To the point of becoming a sustained longing, which now reflects the will of the great majority of its people.

The right to decide one’s political future is universally recognized as being one of the essential and inalienable rights of democratic societies. It is this right that underlies the demand by a majority of the citizens of Catalonia, who wish to exercise it through the means of a referendum.

We wish to state that the Catalan people’s desire to express their will via a referendum is the majority view and cuts across all strata of society; and it is in keeping with the civic, peaceful and democratic determination expressed in the multitudinous demonstrations held by organized society in favor of its right to decide.

Once again it has been made clear that only the people to have served the interests of their peoples are those who, despite persecution and slander, have stood firm against nationalist hysteria, Neo-Franco fascism and demanded an immediate right on self determination without annexations. Let Catalonia raise their voices for restoration of the civil rights taken from them, for social legislation presenting the demands of the people.

No Masters No Slaves!
Down with the fascists!
Long live Liberty!
We are Autonomen.
We are ungovernable!

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4 Responses to Defaced gsec.fr.to OpSaveCatalonia

  1. Hi,

    I think that today is the point of not return. The people of Catalonia is in high risk to be attacked by the army of Spain with the convenience of the European Union. This is the first time the EU have a real trouble to solve and the response is to look away.

    In the next days I’m sure that Spain will invade Catalonia like Franco. We are peaceful people and the only we want is to make a referendum.

    Please, help us to defend of the fascist attacks from spain.



    ps- I’m a It manager and software and hardware developer, I don’t have experience in pentesting and I’m not a expert in security and intrussions, but if I can help you in any think, I’m volunteer to fight against the fascist and capitalist wave that are in crescendo.

  2. I really look up to you guys and i would love to help, i have never been directly in any hacktivist operation, but i am a coder and i am also currently working on some pentesting tool. I would love to help.

    • Hello MyMaze,

      I hope anybody can talk to us to say how we can collaborate…

      Now seems we have to wait…


  3. October 23, 2017 at 23:00
    thetruthseeker says:

    Hello There. Firstly, I’d like to thank everybody who is taking part in #OpCatalunya. Doing things like this really helps people to see they are not alone

    Please, never stop

    We Are Anonymous
    No Masters No Slaves!
    Down with the fascists!
    Long live Liberty!
    We are Autonomen.
    We are ungovernable!

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