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Expect Boombox Serenade, John Cusack!

| July 3rd, 2017 by Anonymous | 1 Comment

The danger of shared block lists as a tool for manipulation and blind filter bubbles can’t be emphasized enough.

John Cusack has spoken out against illegal mass surveillance in the past. A main stream voice can reach a lot of people. Twitter can be a little rough – especially in this day and age of the half witted #MAGA bot armies. Nevertheless subscribing to shared block lists tends to sentence people to existence in a filter bubble. Shared Twitter block lists are also biased by personal sensitivities and snap decisions. And so it would appear that Twitter user @johncusack now blocks Twitter user @YourAnonNews and just about anyone else who was ever blocked by the original author of the shared Twitter block list that Cusack subscribes, too.

What a missed opportunity to see cat memes, hilarity, fresh leaks and generally irrepressible internet rebellion!

But really we just want to ask John Cusack:

Pray Sir, which block list are you using that blocks people fighting surveillance for years while you post Tweets about Snowden?

We currently surmise that John Cusack may have stumbled on the same shared Twitter Block list used by #BlackLivesMatter activist @shaunking. That very list was originally authored by someone-who-shall-not-be-named, but composed it to isolate activists from another as a master piece of social engineering.

So John Cusack, the joke is on you. But we would love a link to that shared block list you are subscribing to, so we can caution  people about it & perhaps block ourselves in a fit of pique.

Expect us .. beneath your window

Anonymous Boombox

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One Response to Expect Boombox Serenade, John Cusack!

  1. July 5, 2017 at 18:41
    raincoaster says:

    If it’s X’s block list, it’s an old copy. X doesn’t block me now, but he used to. And Shaun King has never blocked me, so he doesn’t use Shaun King’s list. It’s just weird: he used to Follow me, now he Blocks both @raincoaster and the Cryptosphere. Who the hell blocks a site that hasn’t been updated in basically two years?

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