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Free Dmitry Bogatov

| July 15th, 2017 by Doemela | Comments Off on Free Dmitry Bogatov

Dmitry Bogatov jailed since April 10, 2017 a software developer, math lecturer at Moscow’s Finance and Law University, free software supporter, Debian and GNU projects contributor, esperantist.

Dmitry Bogatov is accused of part 2 of article 205.2 of Russian Criminal code (incitement of terrorist activities or justifying terrorism via the Internet), part 1 of article 30, part 1 of article 212 (arrangement of preparation of mass riots).

According to the case, somebody posted 2 messages on website sysadmins.ru on 29 March. Airat Bashirov accessed his account from 104 different IP adresses located in different countries, including Dmitry Bogatov’s IP address. To substantiate the need of Bogatov’s arrest investigator pointed to video showing “mass riots and police disobedience”. The only one video posted by Airat Bashirov is a music clip of hip-hop performers Kanye West and Jay-Z “No Church in The Wild”.

Need of arrest also was substantiated by the fact that Dmitry planned to visit Italy on 12 April. At that time Italy hosted International Esperanto Youth Festival, which Dmitry planned to visit beforehand with his wife. Dmitry Bogatov didn’t post messages in posting which he is accused of. He ran a Tor exit relay, which is not illegal in Russia, and he’s not charged with that.

Dmitry Bogatov was a operator of Tor exit relay. Tor is a special software which routes Internet traffic over random circuits builded from servers located around the world. Exit relays are used as last servers in circuit, that’s why their adresses appears in logs. Dmitry’s relay was online last time at 5 April 2017.

Airat Bashirov also used Tor network for posting messages for posting which Dmitry is accused. After Dmitry’s arrest, Airat Bashirov continue to post messages. News outlets “Open Russia” and “Mediazona” even got a chance to speak with him. In a comment to the Mediazona he confirmed that he used Tor. At the time when Bashirov’s messages were posted Dmitry was not at home. He went to a fitness club with his wife, after which he visited a product store. That’s confirmed by CCTV footage.

Distribute information about the case

The more attention will be drawn, the more chances to achieve Dmitry’s release. Put banner on your site or use it as avatar. Use official hashtag #freeBogatov in social nets.

Write a support letter to him

Dmitry currently being held in pretrial detention center and he is limited in access to information. Letters is almost the only way to contact the outside world for Dmitry, and it’s important for him to know that he got supporters. Unfortunately, it’s only possible to write in Russian language. If you know Russian, check out site RosUznik or look at the Russian version of this page, it has instruction on how to write to Dmitry directly. In other way, we can translate your letter and resend it, contact us via freebogatov@cock.li (GPG key: 0xC70F74F7211C6E36).

Donate for legal help for Dmitry

Dmitry’s family needs help to pay for lawyers, independent expertise and other expenses. If none of the proposed methods of transfer don’t suit you, please write to us. ฿What is Bitcoin?1DAQicntXrUquSytKrobL5j6NzpgjeFWXo

Run a Tor relay with nickname that contains Bogatov or KAction in solidarity.

Tor activists have launched a flashmob on April 12 and call all Tor relay administrators to run or rename their relays using #freeBogatov or #KAction. Tor Project website has a guide on how to do it. You can run relay at your home (In that case it recommended to not run an exit relay, but middle relay, that way no negative activity will come from your IP. You can also limit bandwidth if you don’t want to give full bandwidth to the Tor network) or rent a server. Here is a list of hosters tried by activists who are running Tor relays. As for April 18, 45 relays and exit nodes have been launched in solidarity with Dmitry. See here and here to view the lists of relays.

Sauce: https://freebogatov.org

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