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FreeAnons is dead, long live FreeHacktics

| December 28th, 2017 by Doemela | 4 Comments

It may now be regarded as beyond dispute that in the course of the struggle imposed upon the Comrades, (H|A)ctivist by State agents, a radical demarcation of forces and the formation of two opposite camps have taken place: the camp of the FreeAnons, and the camp of the Hacktics. It is equally beyond dispute that these two opposite coalitions are guided by two different and opposite programs of action.

The program of action of the FreeAnons coalition may on the moment, be characterized by the following points: power struggle; personal enrichment and phony “street cred”.

The program of action of the FreeHacktics coalition is: abolition of power; restoration of support to all oppressed Hacktics worldwide; organize on the basis of autonomy; empower organizations, individuals; and work to support each other in overcoming the systemic oppression.

It would be ridiculous to deny the difference in the ideologies and social systems that constitute the FreeHacktics coalition. But does this preclude the possibility, and the expediency, of joint action on the part of the members of this coalition against the common enemy threatens to enslave them? Certainly not. Moreover, the existence of this threat imperatively dictates the necessity of joint action among the members of the coalition in order to save mankind from reversion to savagery and medieval oppression. Is not the program of action of the FreeHacktics coalition a sufficient basis upon which to organize a joint struggle against tyranny and to vanquish it? I think it is quite sufficient…

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4 Responses to FreeAnons is dead, long live FreeHacktics

  1. Doemela the coward! You have sold my channel at cgan to freeanons of anonops when we were the opposite camp exposing these same behaviors started since 2012 and the influence of state agents in that channel since they banned me;
    Even if what you say now is correct, you can not be a man/woman of confidence because you can sell anyone to anywho when you have some secret personal interest.
    Doemela, you are not more clean than freeanons, so please STFU

  2. Doemela the coward recognizes now influence of state agents on #freeanons of anonops while he has sold my channel at his cgan IRC to that same people?
    We were the opposite camp who was exposing these people since 2012 and he betrayed us by giving them the channel and supporting these same behaviors that he is now condemning.
    He is now defending and supporting nix who started that shit and has been banned by the same team she used to take my channel over and control it, transforming it into a business affair supporting only some arrested anons/stars while ignoring all the other arrested anon-activists
    Doemela and nix, please STFU because you are as dirty as freeanons of anonops, at least!

    • For the record how do u sell a chan? So nao I can go to nix to ask for overdue payments? I am not defending any side in this power struggle have taken off the mask and sail for other horizons. It is exactly this “arrested anons/stars while ignoring all the other arrested anon-activists” I don’t give fucks never have given … if u are or not “Anon”

  3. Hacktics to Tactics:

    Growth is often seen as a set of clever hacks and specialized techniques that require a lot of experience and skill to be applied effectively. But the reality is that growth, though it integrates multiple disciplines, should fundamentally be approached as an iterative, repeatable, data driven process that when followed will lead to consistent growth.

    – Some clever person unknown.. 😉

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