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All have inherit the drama from the past that will always stick if it are IRC servers, Anon accounts or anons. If we wanna push for greater unity of Anonymous we need to reach out to others who are doing organizing in our own divisions and talk to them about working together. Not fight among ourselves we need to build trust, solidarity by putting faith in each other.

I think Anonymous are fucking crucial steps towards building a multi-faceted resistance movement that can adapt to and take advantage of the changing realities of the cyber era. I don’t agree with, or condone every action claimed by Anonymous, but that’s to be expected from a loosely structured, decentralized and, anonymous group like that. I hope that anarchists and other freedom-loving peeps with the necessary hacking skills keep pushing back at the sexist 4Chan Gamer-gate types who seem to make up the more reactionary elements within the group. We’re at a point in history where, more than ever, information is power… and so the fact that there’s an anarchist, or at least anarchist-sympathetic hacker group is so fucking crucial.@stimulator

We’ve survived internal strife, informants, govt surveillance, entrapment. We are the survivors. We do this because we believe in #Anonymous. To all of my haters and everybody else that I have had a wonderful time with. I want to say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to have met you all. To the idiots that do not understand my lulzboat flys the troll flag proudly.

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3 Responses to Here´s to You, the last and final moment is yours

  1. The reactionary will eventually wither and die, leaving us a better resistance movement.

  2. Oops, autocorrected your 👄 to gods ears

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