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Mail dumps of ru$$ian separatists

| February 8th, 2017 by cybermax | 1 Comment

«MadUkrop$_Crew» gained access to Jana Salmina (prav.cmr@gmail.com), as well as Igor Pilyaeva (igor.piliaiev@gmail.com) . Analysis mail correspondence brought us to Salmina letter addressed to the fund “Russian-speaking Ukraine”, co-chaired by former deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko. In the letter, they talked about the problems of the fund for the removal of 500 thousand rubles from its own accounts in Ukrainian «UniCredit Bank». That it has changed our attitude to this dump and determined the need for further analysis.

We can assume that this money “Kremlin” in the face of the support fund and protect the rights of compatriots living abroad allocated for the organization of events on “The protection of national minorities”.

Among them, “Minority Rights Centre”, the head of which is the former assistant offensive adept “Russian world” Vadym Kolesnichenko Jana Salmina, and the “Council of Nationalities” (Head – Advisor to the Chairman of the party on interethnic and interfaith issues Igor Peel, listed as at the Department of International Relations and international information PJSC “Higher education institution” Interregional Academy of Personnel Management “) at the party “Socialists”(the head of the party -. a former foreign minister in the Azarov`s Cabinet Leonid Kozhara) analyzing the media, we came across a very interesting things turned out that these. “organization” closely cooperate with each other, carry out common activities, after which the media appear bright headlines about “infringement of dissent” in Ukraine and “pursuit of national minorities to obtain autonomy”.

Igor Pilyaev`s mail dump: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By0yDru0dtHXNDZDRkZFcHVzY1U

Jana Salmina`s mail dump:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By0yDru0dtHXeDhRbmt3a2ZwYTQ


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