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This tutorial we will make a honeypot using a Windows host. Next tutorial I’ll do linux.

we will be using KF Sensor.

Download here.

KFSensor acts as a honeypot, designed to attract and detect hackers and worms by simulating vulnerable system services and trojans.

KFSensor is pre-configured to monitor all TCP and UDP ports, along with ICMP. It is also configured with the emulation of common services.

It starts monitoring right after its installation and can be easily customized to add additional customer services later on.

As you can see it acts like an IDS (intrusion detection system)
shows the port scan ran. Double click it

Now click details to see the connection:

KF Sensor also interacts with the attacker:

By responding with an emulation of a real service KFSensor is able to reveal the nature of an attack whilst maintaining total control and avoiding the risk of compromise.

individuals well as inl service attacks KFSensor detects and responds to port scans and denial of service DOS attacks and prevents itself from being overloaded.

if you look up that ip on the bottom it turns out to be an ubuntu server.


Thats about it.


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  1. Ahh nice always wanted to know more about honypots

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