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#OpNewblood Introducing Volix

| June 26th, 2017 by ro0ted | Comments Off on #OpNewblood Introducing Volix

Introducing Volix which is basically a GUI for Volatility which for some people that’s easier for them than command line.

You can use Volix for a file investigation. Let’s open it here:

Go to extra’s>settings:

This Window will open:

Select Volatility Paths

Download Volatility standalone.exe and select the path its at.

After that click okay and select Case>New Case:

Upload your memory dump and press ok

You will get this screen of options:

Click start questionnaire and you will get different modules with options based to the selected module. See below:

After you selected all your options click the last tab “Finish” and select start investigation:


Select a job and you will get the info.

That’s all. Til next time.

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