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Ops fair elections 2018 SIERRA LEONE

| December 17th, 2017 by mleoneans17 | Comments Off on Ops fair elections 2018 SIERRA LEONE

We are anonymous

This is anonymous message to all politicians of Sierra Leone, today we saw that your campaign starts to become violent every time we see many Innocent people hurt, in all the Provence, whenever there is campaign of each of your political party, its begins to create damages by looking at all that happens at as present moment we find it not normal .

How many poor innocent young people hurt each campaign so for us all the parties are the same, they do nothing  for their own nation nothing you thought for future of your children just think for power, power anxious nothing for the student no better plan for the country how many year now the same guys among them selves sharing same offices.

Creating tensions on  poor  innocent peoples,  all the times so many violence,  on the media the social networks, journalist are no more voice  of the  peoples but supporters of  party that bribes, ! –  money &  materials miss using my brothers and sister, politicians  manipulating the press.

Now mr politic is  trying again  to prepare  violence’s ,  so citizens of the world we need help  on our first << OP’s >> Hidden files in state house – because our peoples lac of  pure drinking water – no medical facilities, no electricity, no good education for the youths, and every months more-than thousand of  carats of DIAMONDS and many other minerals resources as the world know.

we are very scared  of  war again  —   and we want  fair elections , peaceful , that the aim of  our Ops to  secure  and save our  poor families

we targeting :




Thank you all sierra leoneans at home and abroad.

We are anonymous

We are legion

We don’t forget we don’t forgive

Expect us Anonymous




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