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Good day to you all! We transmit today on behalf of those who were screwed by the Trump’s politics and his rotations within the federal government. New federal agents that were assigned cybercrime cases that Read more » 

May 5, 2017 - 21:32 | 2 Comments

The term “Hacking” deals with the security system of any network with can be protected and can be exploited.But the exploitation term is called cracking which is the part of Hacking.Different exploitation tools are to Read more » 

Anonymous OpUSA – OpIsrael: VIDEO RELEASED ————————————————————– Our patience is exhausted! This is just a beginning. Nothing was started yet. Anonymous #OpUSA – #OpIsrael The end of 2017 Video Released Greetings citizens of the world , Read more » 

These hacks are part of #OpUSA – #OpIsrael – The end of 2017 #Anonymous The top government of US hacked and dumped. state.gov private informations leaked. Download dump: https://mega.nz/#!gbQ1QATI Decryption Key: !FeeFNL2psuY-W6zcVU-xIKxaaO2tgCEjQT8C-gQihJo Also a lot of US Read more » 

Government of Israel and United State, our patience is exhausted! No more words! Now only acts. Anonymous can’t be silent when we see your actions. Now its Anonymous time. United State and Israel Government Target Read more » 

This Hack is part of the Operation US + Israel. #OpUSA – OpIsrael The end of 2017 #Anonymous Operation: https://pastebin.com/tgbkCQ61 Israel Gov’t hacked and dumped. Download dump: https://mega.nz/#!ZWByDAbT  Decryption Key: !-Yvx4-wlzWEV5gagusHKcDF4eYeABfJxgDh_foO-D20 “Government of Israel and United Read more » 

ANKARA – Hundreds welcomed Nuriye Gülmen, who was released from prison yesterday by the court. The first words of Nuriye were, “I cannot believe I see you again” while she was taken from ambulance.  6th Read more » 

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Medine Mamedoğlu – Piroz Zırığ ŞIRNAK – A picture reflected on September 8, 2015 when the first curfew was declared in Cizre, revealed the state’s proper to the Kurds. Emine Çağırga, mother of Cemile Çağırga Read more » 

December 13, 2017 - 18:41 | Comments Off on Êdî bes e ya basta enough! Radical Democracy: The First Line Against Fascism

It was in the fall of 2014, only months after the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) made massive territorial gains inside Syria and Iraq, committing genocidal and feminicidal massacres, that a powerful, revolutionary silver lining rose Read more » 

December 13, 2017 - 18:21 | Comments Off on AUTONOMY & AUTHORITY Murray Bookchin and the Kurdish resistance

Bookchin’s municipalist ideas, once rejected by communists and anarchists alike, have now come to inspire the Kurdish quest for democratic autonomy. The introduction to the new book The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Read more »