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Panama Government Hacked by Anonymous OpNessunDorma

| November 18th, 2017 by Anonymous | Comments Off on Panama Government Hacked by Anonymous OpNessunDorma

How are you guys?

Here #OpNessunDorma does not sleep!
No more than a year ago, several interim agencies were violated as a retaliation against the dissenting work policies set in be since then by renzi government (actually gentiloni, same shit). Since then nothing has changed. Rather. Everything is getting worse. We also took the trouble to see what’s happening in the world about the supreme topic: the work. Nothing good. There are no words to describe our disgust. It does not need to be politically correct. People have the right to know. The whole regime press was informed at the time. But no we had no reply by the servants of power. Now we have seen italian press representant public complaints? LOL. (not op topic related, but lol, very funny). We have no other choice than to proceed with the second phase of the operation: every acquired bit will be full disclosed even if it involve user private data. We had a lot of time to work on, you know how it is not? We are unemployed.

Wake up people. This is a little appetizer compared to what’s going on.

Panama government, hacked by #OpNessunDorma:

Leak download:

Complaints? Ask to those paraZite: Poletti, Renzi & Gentiloni: http://www.governo.it/.


I’m Anonymous.
I am 1. I am None. I’m 100,000.
I do not forget.
I do not forgive.
I’ll be there for you.
You had to think about it before.

More details in next post.

Stay tuned 😉



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