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ANKARA – Hundreds welcomed Nuriye Gülmen, who was released from prison yesterday by the court. The first words of Nuriye were, “I cannot believe I see you again” while she was taken from ambulance.

 6th hearing of the case opened against educators Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, who were dismissed from their duties by emergency decrees and have been on hunger strike for 269 days, was held in Ankara yesterday. The court ruled for the release pending trial of Nuriye Gülmen. After the decision, Nuriye was photographed for the first time after 193 days while she was taken from Numune Hospital.

 Hundreds welcomed Nuriye and she was taken to her home by ambulance.

 The resisters of Yüksel Avenue waited for Nuriye outside of her home. Nuriye said, “I cannot believe I see you again’ while she was taken from ambulance to her home. Semih and Esra Özakça welcomed Nuriye in the room prepared for her.

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