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The order for the Roboski Massacre was given directly by Erdogan!

| December 28th, 2017 by mawa | Comments Off on The order for the Roboski Massacre was given directly by Erdogan!

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency stated that the order for the Roboski Massacre was given by Tayyip Erdogan personally and said, “There are new Roboski Massacres every day against the Kurdish people”

KCK Executive Council Co-presidency has issued a written statement on the 6th anniversary of the Roboski Massacre and saluted the families from Roboski who lost their relatives in the massacre.

KCK stated that 34 young people and children from Roboski were massacred in an aerial bombing five years ago and added: “The bodies of young people and children being heartbreakingly carried on the backs of mules will not fade from memory”.

The statement stressed that the massacre was planned and added that the state wanted to add another trauma to the traumas the Kurdish people have experienced.

Highlights from the statement are as follows:

“This massacre was executed in such cold blood and in such a planned way that the government and state officials treated this massacre as a normal incident. The then-Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan celebrated the attack, instead of making the perpetrators answer for the massacre. Like always, murderers were protected so the aggression of the soldiers and policemen wouldn’t break in the fight against Kurds.”

“The Roboski Massacre is a very striking incident in exposing the character of the Turkish state and the AKP government. In the Roboski Massacre, the true face of Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP government has been exposed.”

“As we enter the sixth year of the Roboski Massacre, we are calling on all the people of Kurdistan, the youth, the women, the elderly and the children to increase the fight against AKP-MHP fascism that wants to annihilate Kurds, attacking martyrs’ cemeteries and removing guerilla bodies from graves. We are calling on all the peoples of Turkey to create the democratic front and increase the struggle against the AKP-MHP fascism that is the enemy of all peoples of Turkey who doesn’t support them and to create a democratic Turkey and free Kurdistan.

We promise once more to the murdered Roboski children and young people that we will increase the struggle and crown their longing for a free Kurdistan with a victory.” #cybergerilla #mawa

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