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Update on fundraiser for Anon2World

| June 18th, 2017 by Doemela | Comments Off on Update on fundraiser for Anon2World

Anon2WorldThe man who lives under the Twitter handle @anon2earth is like many people in the United States. He and his partner go to work. They work full-time. They have a child in school and life is very expensive. They live in Illinois.

There is a mortgage for a home bought years ago and as in many places in America renting in their area has become prohibitively expensive. Things slowed down at work a little less than 2 years ago for Anon2earth. There was a lay-off and a new position with lesser pay. It started getting harder making ends meet.

And then medical conditions came up. The couple has healthcare coverage through work, but it only covers 80% of any medical costs. 20% of every doctor visit is not so bad, but 20% of the cost of specialized procedures is a lot to manage. There were Shock Wave Lithotripsy’s for 5 kidney stones. An ultrasound alone resulted in a $222 self-paid portion. Anon2earth has ongoing abdominal health issues that are being assessed further currently.

It is difficult for anyone from the European Union, Australia, Canada etc to imagine just how hard it can be facing healthcare costs in the United States.

About 6 month ago they fell behind on their mortgage for the home they have lived in for a decade. Now they have a foreclosure notice on their home. They owe medical debt and they just can’t catch up. They checked around and renting will be even more expensive than their monthly mortgage payment.

Anon2earth has a foreclosure summons to appear in court in the first half of July. That is in less than one month. He is fundraising for $10,000. Most of that sum is meant to help avert foreclosure and pay the outstanding mortgage payments that are in arrears. 80% of the money raised will be dedicated to that purpose to prevent the family becoming homeless and having to face even higher accommodation costs via rental. 20% of the funds raised will be dedicated to meet existing medical debt. While the medical debt has a more lenient deadline, it must be met and has been accumulating for some time. Debt is ever present on their minds. The family plans to attend debt counseling.

Generally this is a typical story. A reduction of income. Trouble meeting running costs of living and added medical costs. Lets not make it a typical American ending.

Lets avert a family losing their home and facing even higher accommodation costs.

Go check out the @anon2earth Twitter.

Some people know him as a digital privacy & anonymity activist. But this is really just a story of a family struggling in America. Two parents trying to keep a roof over their kid’s head and somehow falling further behind even though they both work full-time. Anon2earth feels embarrassed & helpless. There will be documented accountability re how donations are used (mortgage & medical bill payments).

Thank you for listening. Please help Anon2World

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