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You’ll never ever beat the Black flag

| July 2nd, 2017 by Anonymous | Comments Off on You’ll never ever beat the Black flag

We live and die as one
Yeah, we all live under the same yoke of oppression.
They are watching lookin’ through there data in front of you
usurp freedom by the monopoly of violence.
Beating bodies up against the wall over and
over and over and over again, and again, and …

For hundred years we’ve fought you without fear
and we will fight you for hundred more.
You’ll never ever beat the Black flag
so take a tip and leave us alone while you may.

No! we’re not pigs we’re not cannon fodder we’re not ur sheep
we’re Anarchist! and proud we are to be.
so fuck your flag we want our freedom back
we want to see the world free once more.

Well we’re fighting pigs and soldiers for the cause
we’ll never bow to ur laws because
throughout our history we were born to be free
so get out fuck’in pigs, soldiers leave us be.

We are Autonomen,
We are Ungovernable,
We are Action,
We do not forget our comrades until all are free,
Expect Resistance.

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