CyberGuerrilla 2018
Sunday,Dec 15,2019 
Anonymous | February 22, 2018 | Posted in Ops | 5 comments

Hello Salvini, you want to be a premier for Italy, but due to your high incompetence level, even people subscribed to your various websites can’t have peaceful night’s sleep. Your attitude to blame immigrants for Read more » 

Anonymous | January 6, 2018 | Posted in /B/

I am a criminal so arrest me if this is your logic pigs DOIT Marcus is diagnosed with Autism, Chron’s Disease, Coeliac, Asthma, Anxiety and Depression. Marcus was remanded in prison for breaking the conditions Read more » 

BlackRat | September 30, 2018 | Posted in Ops | 2 comments

Let every woman ask herself: Why am I the slave of Man? Why is my brain said not to be equal of his brain? Why is my work not paid equally with his? Why must Read more » 

Anonymous | September 29, 2018 | Posted in Ops | Comments are off for this post

Es gibt viele Gründe um sich Erdogans baldigen Tod zu wünschen oder zumindest zu zeigen, dass er in Berlin nicht willkommen ist, also haben wir am frühen Freitagmorgen ein Transpi mit der Aufschrift “Fight for Read more » 

Anonymous | September 21, 2018 | Posted in Ops | 3 comments

There is no peaceful white supremacy. There are no peaceful Nazis: fascism is not simply an alternative political viewpoint one can hold. It is in fact incompatible with the existence of most human beings on Read more » 

BlackRat | September 12, 2018 | Posted in Ops | Comments are off for this post

The European Parliament blatantly disregarded your thousands of emails, calls and messages and adopted a horrible version of Article 13 on 12 September. But the battle against Article 13 isn’t over: we must now ask Read more » 

lilz | September 8, 2018 | Posted in Ops | Comments are off for this post

Good day, Mrs.Emine Erdoğan. The idea of ​​writing to you came to us as you claim “to live a ‘humble and modest’ life with strict Muslim values, whiling away the hours in palace kitchen fermenting Read more » 

BlackRat | September 7, 2018 | Posted in Ops | Comments are off for this post

Tell the European Parliament to fix copyright. Copyright law affects everything you do on the internet—from sharing news articles to uploading your vacation photos to contributing knowledge to Wikipedia. In the EU, your actions are Read more » 

cyberguerrilla | September 25, 2018 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | 1 comment

İyi günler, Bayan Emine Erdoğan, Size yazma fikri, “katı Müslüman değerlere bağlı olarak ‘alçakgönüllü ve mütevazi’ bir yaşam sürdüğünüz, saray mutfağında saatler geçirip elmaları fermante ettiğiniz sirke yaptığınız” iddianızdan dolayı aklımıza geldi. Bu iddianızı gözönüne Read more » 

BlackRat | September 20, 2018 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments are off for this post

Cabins built as part of an occupation that started 6 years ago. An occupation that aims to prevent the destruction of the hambach forest by RWE. A cetenarian forest would be replaced by the extention Read more » 

BlackRat | September 10, 2018 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments are off for this post

Guten Tag, Frau Emine Erdoğan. Die Idee, Ihnen zu schreiben, kam zu uns, als Sie behaupteten, “ein demütigen und bescheidenes Leben mit strengen muslimischen Werten zu führen, die Stunden in der Palastküche zu verschwenden, Äpfel Read more » 

BlackRat | September 10, 2018 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | 2 comments

On 12 September, the European Parliament will debate and vote on Article 13 see how its MEPs voted on 5 July when the fast tracking of Article 13 was blocked by the full European Parliament Read more » 

Anonymous | September 7, 2018 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments are off for this post

06.09.18: Last night the Commerzbank branch at the Lindenauer Market met several stones and was tagged with the slogan ‘Down With Erdogan’. On the 28th and 29th of September, Erdogan will come to Berlin unnecessarily. Read more » 

Whoever you are, we are ungovernable! Whoever lays his hand on us to govern us, is a usurper and tyrant, and we declare you our enemy.