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Why I am happy…

Years ago, maybe July 2011, a white mentally disturbed homeless person, Kelly Thomas, was beaten to death by a group of police on the Fullerton police force in Orange County. A public transit terminal security cam caught the beating. There was an outcry for justice and #OpFullerton was created.

The D.A. did a miserable job in choosing the charges and prosecuting the police officers. I recall having a debate at a judge’s dinner with some retired judges and their spouses on the issue. There was spin that the entire ordeal was just for his father (a retired law enforcement officer) to get money from his wrongful death case. Kelly’s Army was created. Rallies, protests and #OpFullerton fully engaged.

The criminal case was brought to a jury where the jury basically acquitted the officers in or about January 2014 (I am estimating). Protests after the verdict broke out ensued, and justifiably so because justice was unjust and illogical at times where I live which has been dubbed as “behind the Orange Curtain.”

Shortly thereafter, other deaths at the hands of the police came under scrutiny of activists. By the summer of 2014 a man was killed in Ferguson, Missouri and #OpFerguson was fully engaged along with #HandsUp. This created an environment wherein Black Lives Matter rose.

Activists learn quickly. This time the USAG’s office was called upon to investigate the police force and the activists made sure no one on the police force could delete their emails. Although the USAG’s office did not find the death was unjustified or a violation of constitutional rights, they did find evidence (the emails) of systemic racism throughout the police force in Ferguson.

As you may recall, the protesters in #OpFerguson were treated horribly. People took advantage by rioting and vandalizing businesses. Law enforcement took advantage by shooting peaceful protesters with tear gas and using devices that create a deafening sound. It escalated to rubber bullets and such. Such tragedy.

People were charged claimed to be involved in hacktivism (white people) or with carrying illegal weapons or other devices like molatov cocktails. Some fled the United States. The Black Lives Matter movement ended up getting into so much discord and taken over and trashed by extremists (like we see happen over and over to things that start out with one aim and end being taken over by another). Division and discord between races started to rise

This brings us to the present. The feds did not stop their investigation into the reports of the bad behavior and now a handful of police officers were indicted for targeting activists and racism in St. Louis, Missouri. As reported they put an undercover black police officer to play the role of protester and a few police officers targeted him at a protest and beat him so badly he could not eat and lost 20 pounds. All the while, the police officers racist texts were being captured. Painfully beautiful.

So many people risked their lives, livelihoods, their personal safety to throw this pebble into the pond and hope the waves it created would reach the shore. It is all you can hope for. Many people protected other people during these operations, too. The self sacrifice is something they can never take credit for because to do so would surely doom their future. The very definition of an “unsung hero.”

It took ALL of us. It took good hacktivists to get the job done and protect the rest. It took boots on the ground activists to create social awareness. It even took good law enforcement officers that were willing to go under cover and later investigate and then write up the charges that make up the current indictment.

You never know where life will lead you and you never know what your activism may lead to.

I was speaking to someone who said out loud how so many of us feel. Activism is lonely. It is. It cannot be done in the light of day to have the best chance for success.

This friend also spoke of how some of the people who get the closest to you try to screw you over. That is also so true. I remember in 2014 when I was trying to get a protective order, two purported activists walked into the courtroom, got on the stand and testified under penalty of perjury against me – that I scared them wearing an Anon mask at these various protests looking for social justice. A third person, I thought was a loyal ally, had taken some photos of me and others which these two people who testified brought into court and handed to the judge. I was furious. I learned. I was lucky I walked out of that courtroom.

I wish I could share this with those from yesteryear but that is not how it works. So I am sharing this with you. I am still here.

I have been doing a lot of self evaluation lately and I am more than okay and proud of the achievements we made. Just the fact we made concrete achievements fills me with pride. For the younger generation, you need to have patience. Change takes time, usually decades and sometimes centuries.

In 2013 #WaveofAction idea was created after #Occupy was crushed and Sabu was revealed to all. It rolled out on the Anniversary of MLK’s assassination in 2014. We held our rally at Freedom park in Westminster. I did everything by the book. Yet 24 hours prior to the event, my phone literally was blowing up by the city that I needed to cancel and the entire city went on full tactical alert. It was too late to cancel and now the safety of the people attending from the police was weighing heavily on my mind and in my heart.

From that point forward I was a watched organizer where I would get an unsolicited call from law enforcement informing me who was assigned to any event I organized. I suppose it needed to work that way. I don’t know. I do know someone gave the police wrong information about me to try to squelch any good. Sigh, it weighs heavy on my heart and saddens me to this day but something i readily accepted and…

But to me, this is what activism is. It is not always some huge change, but these small changes. They are wonderful to me. I see the stepping stones to a better world that is possible.

Of course there are other ways to create change, this is just one. But I am just happy to see some justice. There is too little justice in today’s world and I believe that the lack of justice is one of the strong propellants pushing people into dangerous nationalistic notions.

So to those hacktivists, activists and law enforcement that helped to make this result in St. Louis, Missouri possible, thank you. Know that you are appreciated. My heart has been smiling since yesterday. Thank you specifically for the protection you have given me so that I can enjoy a freedom some of you no longer can.

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