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When authorities block Twitter, Facebook or other, here how u can go around blockade.

Most of the time, your ISP automatically assigns a primary and secondary DNS server when your router or computer requests network information via DHCP. But what if those ISP-provided DNS servers aren’t working properly or “they” block certain sites?


What if tor is blocked (click on image!!!)

Ways to connect when authorities block services:


In case it is needed: Dial up internet access VPN Jabber …

These dial-up numbers are meant to help you connect to the Internet in case of blackout. Please be aware that they don’t prevent wiretapping (usual care applies, like using HTTPS) and they do cost the price of an international call.
France (provided by FDN)
Phone Number:

Sweden (provided by Gotanet)
Phone Number:

The Netherlands (provided by XS4ALL)
Phone Number:

Report a broken line
If you’re experiencing issues with one of the lines listed above please let us know. If you have a dial-up line and want to help people to connect, feel free to contact us ‏@TelecomixSyria and we’ll list it

The Government in Turkey has taken down Facebook and Twitter amid their countries unrest over a development demolition. For people in Turkey free VPN.
Username: vpnbook
Password: rac3vat9

  • euro1.vpnbook.c­om (Anonymous VPN)
  • euro2.vpnbook.c­om (Anonymous VPN)
  • uk1.vpnbook.com­ (UK VPN – optimized for fast web surfing; no p2p downloading)
  • us1.vpnbook.com­ (US VPN – optimized for fast web surfing; no p2p downloading)

The CyberGuerrilla Anonymous Nexus also provide OpenVPN accounts, Jabber OTR and secure mail all on servers of our own without logging ip’s. See https://cyberguerrilla.info for what we can offer for ur safety contact https://cyberguerrilla.info/contact/ or hit me on IRC Connect to IRC.

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  2. i respect shit like this.

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    Thank you for this post

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