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Welcome to the CCC Project for Imprisoned Anons #35C3.

The Chaos Communication Congress is the annual symposium and celebration of hackers from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). For four days, between Christmas and New Year, thousands of hackers, technology buffs, of artists and utopians will gather in Leipzig, Germany to communicate, learn from each other and party.

The 35th Chaos Communication Congress (35C3) will propose conferences, workshops and various events on a multitude of topics, especially information technology with generally a critical and creative attitude towards technology and its effects on society.

A group of activists met to amplify the fate of imprisoned activists who took risks and sacrificed their freedom for what they thought was right. In today’s socioeconomic climate and political situation, it must be recalled, respected and amplified.

The project concerns the imprisoned members of the Anonymous Collective: We will print postcards / stencils so that those attending the congress can send books, cards, letters, etc. On these cards you will find all the necessary information to help them in prison. And also information on groups that have helped the Anons imprisoned over the years.

Jeremy Hammond.
Matt DeHart.
Martin Gottesfeld.
Timothy Justen French.
James E. Robinson.

English: https://www.anonymous-france.eu/ccc-p…
Français: https://www.anonymous-france.eu/proje…
Italiano: https://www.anonymous-france.eu/proge…
Español: https://www.anonymous-france.eu/proye…

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One Response to Chaos Communication Congress project for Imprisoned Anons

  1. Is there any way for people who cannot attend this event to receive sticker, media, etc.?

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