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If one is missing, it should be punished. But the judges must do it, which, without a grudge, the sheep goats must separate. And the passions rest then. If one is missing, he should be punished. But not before a foreign court martial, and not according to national paragraphs. It does not work like that. Call the agitators, the screamers in the war – it’s way too much for me. By their madness they drop to the cradle, which we built. You have the victory. Do you have to roll in it? Could not you be human? But we remind you, if you come to us on stilts: it is a categorical no!Theobald Tiger

In recent days, our friend and comrade Loïc sleeps behind German bars. As we feared, France did not hesitate to give in to her neighbor’s requests for extradition. On 26 September, the Court of Causation rejected his appeal and thus validated the European Arrest Warrant, in which Loïc was violently arrested in Nancy on 18 August. She believes that he is “not prosecuted because of his political views”. A few days later, our friend left the prison Maxéville becoming the first accused of the G20 Hamburg to be transferred to Germany by the authorities of his country.

The authorities took him this weekend to Hamburg. Loïc finds himself in pre-trial detention 750 km from his home and his relatives in a country where he does not speak the language for an indefinite period. The German investigators were perfectly able to come and question him in Lorraine. Especially since they know the road since we cross them regularly these last months.

Although Franco-German police cooperation no longer surprises us, we find that it seems a little more fluid each time. Common interests, common methods? France, which is preparing its G7 next summer (Biarritz, end of August) seems quite devoted to help the German authorities to track down all over Europe those who would have sabotaged its capitalist high mass of July 2017. On the other hand, Old relics such as the right to defense seem to have run out. On September 25, Loïc was not brought to his own trial.

The hearing – in a previous case about computer piracy – was taking place in Paris. The penitentiary administration suggests him first to appear by webcam, which he refuses. He demands to attend his trial for which he has prepared a statement. It is then promised to do what is necessary to organize his trip but nothing will be done. It is locked in Nancy that he spends the day of 25. The trial will be postponed to December 4 because of the absence of the accused.

Prevented from defending himself in France, Loïc will therefore have to face the German accusations. Now, in Germany, time seems to be accelerating. After months of stalking, thousands of investigations opened, calls for information massively disseminated in the press and on the Internet, the soko “black block”, the special task force created after the Hamburg summit, is under pressure to close its files . The numbers were considerably reduced at the beginning of October.

It’s now about delivering results. However, given the means deployed and state propaganda around riots that ravaged parts of the city yet guarded by dozens of thousands of police officers, future trials are already announced rigged. What we will see in Hamburg in the coming months will not be the trial of this or that act, of this or that other person, but that of a public humiliation for the German leaders and local officials, the act revenge of a government overwhelmed by thousands of people taking the streets and methodically sacrificing the symbols of a delusional world.

As such, we denounce from now on the sentimentalization of the trial of Loïc and the other accused of the Elbchaussee, for purposes of political manipulation. According to the information we have, it could start in mid-December. And the Hamburg court would consider no fewer than months of hearings!
Only a few are locked up, but we are all targeted!

Fire to prisons!
Freedom for Loïc!

Write to Loïc
Loïc Schneider
UHA Hamburg (Untersuchungshaftanstalt)
Holstenglacis 3
20355 Hamburg

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