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Iran is one of the leading cyberspace actors in the world. It appeared as a cyber-threat a few years later than China or Russia and has so far demonstrated less skill. Nevertheless, it conducted several highly damaging cyber-attacks and became a major threat.

Cyber-security experts said on Wednesday that Iran will be ready “within months, if not faster” to strike the U.S.

“The Islamic Republic may utilize contractors that are less politically and ideologically reliable – and trusted – and as a result, could be more difficult to control,” Recorded Future’s Priscilla Moriuchi, a former NSA analyst said.

According to Forbes the company warned banks, financial services, government departments and energy suppliers should all fear a reprisal, going on Iran’s past attacks.

It is worth noting that Iranian hackers have matured over the last decade from defacing websites with crude photos and slogans. Now, they appear to be the organized work force carrying out systematic cyber-espionage campaigns aimed at promoting Iran’s interests around the world and on curbing dissent within the Islamic Republic.

For instance in 2005 the Iran Hackers Sabotage group replaced the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo home page with one defending Muslims and condemning terrorists.

In addition Iranian hackers attempted to open the flood gates of the New York dam in 2013. Also, in 2016 Iran has conducted cyber-attacks against the U.S banking system. Seven Iranian hackers hit dozens of the U.S. banks causing significant financial damage for American business.

Iran may view cyber-warfare as a means of overcoming its military disadvantage compared to the U.S. Whereas, the Trump Administration can disrupt the Iranian computer networks in brutal show of force. On the other hand, Trump may expect some provocation in cyber-space from Iran to use real military force.

Consequently, there is a dangerous situation when one of the countries can take aim at critical infrastructure of the opponent that can escalate into the conflict outside a cyber-space.

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5 Responses to Iranian hackers plan to attack Trump for pulling out of nuclear deal

  1. July 13, 2018 at 07:29
    Anonymous says:

    fuck the pig faced orange smurf!

  2. July 13, 2018 at 07:18
    Anonymous says:

    its truly a sad set of affairs we find our selves living in.fuck the pig faced orange smurf

  3. —=_** VIVA IRAN **_=—

  4. June 14, 2018 at 13:57
    Anonymous says:

    “You assholes should be hacking the other cunt who got our bag of shit elected , Putin ! Fuck them both !”

    Americans: “The russians did all the things, cos Trump!”


  5. June 9, 2018 at 03:07
    Anonymous says:

    You assholes should be hacking the other cunt who got our bag of shit elected , Putin ! Fuck them both !

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