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Friday,Dec 6,2019 
By Anonymous | February 22, 2018 - 15:36 | Posted in Ops | 5 Comments

Hello Salvini, you want to be a premier for Italy, but due to your high incompetence level, even people subscribed to your various websites can’t have peaceful night’s sleep.
Your attitude to blame immigrants for your own mistakes, is due to the need to hide the lack of a strong politics, from your side, a politic that is not able to have a look to the future anymore.
Your are a man with a strong incompetency level, an amateur of politic, an amateur wannabe premier, you never wanted to do something useful for your nation, playing instead with peoples fears, for some seats in our parlament.
Your work in politic is a complete disaster under every point of view, you stole by using lies, and the history showed you as worse than your predecessors, and for this reason we wanted to prove your incapacity, by releasing personal info of more thank 70k of your website subscribers, as well as personal emails, a dump gently taken from our #anonplus friends, because we want to make you aware that the security you should pay attention, is not only the one on the streets, but over the internet aswell, and the war now is fighting on a more hidden place.
We are looking at you, we don’t forget history, we will follow your mistakes forever.
You wanted to use the “internet”, without even understanding what it was, but all the chickens eventually come home to the roost, and we will sit down by the riverbank and wait, for you.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!
Noi con Salvini : 
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5 Responses to Italian Fascist Salvini Emails Hacked and Leaked by LulzSecITA (20 GB)

  1. Avete trovato niente di interessante?

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  3. un po prima no?!

  4. ciucciacappelle

  5. The website is crashed!

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