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By BlackRat | September 7, 2018 - 23:29 | Posted in Ops | Comments Off on It’s time for an update.

Tell the European Parliament to fix copyright. Copyright law affects everything you do on the internet—from sharing news articles to uploading your vacation photos to contributing knowledge to Wikipedia. In the EU, your actions are governed by a copyright framework that urgently needs an update. Wikimedia supports forward-looking copyright rules that empower people to learn and share information with the world.

On September 12, the European Parliament will vote on changes to a copyright law that will dictate how we communicate in the digital age. Almost two decades after the last copyright reform, Europe has the rare opportunity to fix copyright by adopting rules that reflect how people create and share online today, not the one-sided vision of creation currently embodied in European law. Wikimedia wants a law that safeguards the public domain and does not mandate ineffective pre-filtering of content.

The decisions we take now will either foster an environment under which Wikipedia and knowledge can flourish, or diminish people’s ability to freely collaborate on the internet. European lawmakers have recognised the importance of this moment, but they need to hear from you now to make the right choice!
Take action!
Tell your representative in the European Parliament how this affects you: https://fixcopyright.wikimedia.org/

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