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I am Marcus Potter, the man featured in this post: https://archive.cyberguerrilla.org/a/2018/fuck-u-uk-pigs-heres-my-middle-finger-i-am-a-criminal/

On 24th January 2018 I was released from HMP Norwich having served 69 days on remand for breaching bail conditions which were imposed for allegedly breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order on two separate occasions. This constituted of sending a letter to PC 54 David Allum and mentioning his name when within his earshot.

The order’s terms were not as mentioned on the above post but were in fact the following:

  1. You must not film, audio record or photograph any member of Norfolk Constabulary staff.
  2. You must not contact any member of Norfolk Constabulary staff unless you are in danger or to report a crime.

My bail condition imposed for those two breaches was the following:

Not to enter Norwich (as defined by the inner ring road) except to attend an appointment at the Jobcentre or with a solicitor or to attend court.

On the 17th November 2017 I was found guilty of breaching my bail condition on the day but I was not actually found guilty of breaching the CBO because I remained presumed innocent on those allegations. After my brief court hearing I was remanded into custody by the Judge, Judge Stephen Holt and taken down to the court cells where I awaited transport to prison. After transport arrived I was taken to HMP Norwich and spent 69 days there, mostly on the Healthcare Wing but with a few weeks also on E Wing. On my final day I pleaded guilty to both counts of breaching the CBO. I was subsequently granted bail with conditions to reside at my existing home address and attend all appointments with the Probation service. On the 19th April 2018, after making an unsuccessful application to vacate my guilty plea on one of the counts (the one relating to mentioning PC Allum’s name within his earshot) I was subsequently sentenced to 60 days detention in a Young Offender Institution. As I had already served my time in full I was released from the court cells on the day with one month to serve on licence and another 11 months to serve on post sentence supervision.

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