CyberGuerrilla 2018
Friday,Jan 17,2020 
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We have read your articles about our hack-s. We aren’t happy with your analyse, especially with zataz and it’s state agent founder Damien.

First of all we would explain why we didnt used -yellow vests- argument in our statements. Yellow vests protestors aren’t just anarchists, anarcho-communists, communists or close these ideologies. There are anarchists, communists, persons who are close to anarchism, anarcho-communism or communism, nationalists, conservatives and fascists in yellow vests. We called -comrades- anarchists, anarcho-communists, communists and persons who are close to anarchism, anarcho-communism or communism. We can’t stay in same side with nationalists, conservatives and fascists who obey domination of capitalist system. However we don’t have same purposes with nationalists, conservatives and fascists who just care their interests and try to increase their interests. That’s why we had to specialize our statement for our comrades. We have shared our solidarity messages for them.

Second subject is source of our hacks. We have never bought dumps, leaks and intelligent reports from black market or similar markets. If we had money, we could share it with comrades, poor persons and homeless persons. We have strict principles. We interiorised these principles for our lives. One of these principles is making effort for our purposes, not exploiting other persons effort. However we didn’t share which sites were hacked. Because we don’t want to become state’s pentesters. State could patch vulnerable site if we shared vulnerable site. We wouldn’t have access those systems anymore. But we still have access those systems to monitor them as they have been monitoring people. They can close a way, we already have more ways to enter their systems. This action will not stop until we destroy capitalist system.

Third subject is about zataz, it’s state agent founder and his friend patrick aka https://twitter.com/AnonFrOfficiel aka possibly https://twitter.com/pathetiq . We were watching public operation channel. We saw these persons attacks to sabotage this operation. But they have been failed by our hack-s. They are butthurt now.

The memory of our comrades is fuel to stoke the flames of our lives in permanent revolt.

We are Autonomen,
We are Ungovernable,
We are Action,
We do not forget our comrades,

Anonymous Anarchist Agency

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Whoever you are, we are ungovernable! Whoever lays his hand on us to govern us, is a usurper and tyrant, and we declare you our enemy.