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Saturday,Nov 23,2019 
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A few hundred far-right activists wanted to commemorate the death of a Nazi leader on Saturday in Berlin.

A march of neo-Nazis in Berlin led to many protests on Saturday in the German capital. Hundreds to thousands of counter-demonstrators came to the meeting and threw sticks and bottles. As a result, at least one policeman was injured, reports Reuters news agency. Counter demonstrations took place in Berlin as neo-Nazis marked the 31st anniversary of the death of Adolf Hitler’s former deputy, Rudolf Hess. Thousands of police were deployed to prevent violent clashes.

According to a spokesperson for the police, demonstrators and participants in the neo-Nazi march would also have been injured. There were 2,300 agents present at the meeting on Saturday, to ensure that the two groups could not physically attack each other.
Rudolf Hess

The extreme right-wing activists, also about five hundred in number, had come to Berlin to commemorate the 31st anniversary of Rudolf Hess’s death. Hess was a Nazi piece: the deputy of Adolf Hitler. He committed suicide at the age of 93 in a Berlin prison. He was sentenced for life in the Nuremberg trial.

Counter-demonstrators had lined up along the walking route of the neo-Nazis. The organization of the Hess supporters had originally wanted to walk to Spandau, the place where the prison used to be. That was ultimately not possible, because many counter-protesters blocked the neighborhood. Even when they wanted to move to the other side of the city, near Friedrichshain, there were anti-Nazi protests, reports Deutsche Welle.

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