CyberGuerrilla 2018
Thursday,Nov 21,2019 
By Anonymous | May 20, 2018 - 00:10 | Posted in /B/ | 2 Comments

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#Turkish sites #Defaced
ondertarim.com.tr = Hacked
tdedankara.org.tr = hacked
www.cagun.com.tr = Hacked
www.ersbaca.com.tr = Hacked

The president of Turkey, Recep tayyip Erdogan is killing kurds and his goal is to re-create ISIS with the operation in Afrin. Erdogan is lying his own people ( Turkish Citizens ) and you ( Turkish Hackers ) supporting him?

Erdogan want to have the first power in East but he cant get it. Thinks like he can do anything, ignoring the childrens and innocent people where killed in Afrin. You are Terrorists!

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2 Responses to Turkish sites Defaced OpTurkey

  1. December 11, 2018 at 06:07
    Ana siken xxx says:

    Lan o değilde ersin baca önder tarım ne alaka amk onları niye hackledin sen adam ekmeğine bakıyo shshakja

  2. Ananı avradını salak

Whoever you are, we are ungovernable! Whoever lays his hand on us to govern us, is a usurper and tyrant, and we declare you our enemy.